Are You Making This Newbie Affiliate Mistake? [VIDEO]

Making This Mistake Will Lead To Confusion and Frustration

When you get started in affiliate marketing, just like when you start anything, you have a ton of enthusiasm and excitement — which is a good thing. But it can also lead to mistakes that are easily avoidable if you just know what they are. In today’s video, I share one of the most common mistakes that I see new affiliates make.

How do You Find Affiliate Programs? [VIDEO]

30 Days of Q&A - Day Thirteen

You know by now that promoting affiliate offers is a great way to make some good money online. But how do you find the affiliate programs? That’s what Jason Lam asked me recently…and I give the answer in today’s video.

In today’s video, I share three ways to find affiliate programs and learn about upcoming affiliate launches. I also share what to do when something you want to promote doesn’t have an affiliate program.