How to Encourage Others and Inspire Your Followers

6 Ways to Build Others up and Grow Your Influence

When is the last time someone told you, “I’m proud of you”? Not for what you’ve done or accomplished but just for being you. If you are like most people, it’s been far too long.

How to Encourage Others and Inspire Your Followers

Those four words are some of the most encouraging words we can hear. That’s why I whisper them to our daughter every night before she goes to sleep.

No matter what she did or didn’t do that day, no matter what she accomplished or how she acted, she will hear those four powerful words:

“I’m proud of you.”

Attention Leaders: Your Team is Begging to be Trusted & Have Control

Team members at work want the same things we all want in every aspect of life.

What your team wants - control and trust

I want to be trusted. I want my boss to believe in me and trust my judgment.

Replace the word “boss” with “spouse” or “parents” and the sentence above is still true. The leader-team member relationship is no different from any other relationship.

I want to control my own destiny. I want to have a voice in my career.

Replace the word “career” with “marriage” or “education” and the sentence is still true. We all want a sense of control and we all want a voice.

We’re continuing this series on the 8 Things Your Team REALLY Wants with part three today:

To be trusted and to control their own destiny.

And we’ll continue to use Simon’s company as an example. If you missed parts one and two, the links are below. Make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or get posts via email (and get my free book as a bonus) so you don’t miss the last installment coming up.

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How Leaders can Avoid a Crisis: The Drain Cleaner Technique

I discovered something interesting recently: how I use drain cleaner is a metaphor for my leadership…and life.

Sink Drain

My sink was clogged last year, so I used some drain cleaner to clear it up. While reading the instructions, I noticed that it recommended using it periodically to address “small clogs and buildup.” That seemed reasonable and I did do just that for a few months.