How To Reduce Refunds In Your Affiliate Promotions [VIDEO]

I recently got an email from Chrissy Johnson asking about return rates on affiliate promotions. Chrissy wanted to know what she could do to reduce her return rates in affiliate promotions. In response to her question, below I share with you 5 ways to reduce returns and effectively increase your commissions by retaining those buyers.

Should You Have Affiliates For Your First Launch? [VIDEO]

My Surprising Answer To A Subscriber's Question

Recently I got a question from Elle Cole. She is just starting out online and hasn’t launched her product before. Her question is whether or not she should get affiliates to promote her product at this time. First off, Elle, good for you for thinking of ways to grow your business and your reach. That being said, in the video below, I answer Elle’s question…and my answer just might surprise you!

6 Marketing Lessons From The Life Of Billy Graham [VIDEO]

What You Can Learn From His Remarkable Life

When Billy Graham passed away recently I spent some time thinking about how this great man had influenced my life and what he had taught me, not just personally, but professionally. Regardless of your faith or opinion on his religious views and beliefs, there is a LOT we can learn about marketing from the life of Billy Graham. In this video, I share six marketing lessons I learned from Billy Graham.

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