Episode 063: What to do When Your Business is at the End of its Rope

Have you ever been told to “keep both eyes on the ball”? A friend of mine said that very thing a while back. His business is struggling and he is battling the constant fight to maintain balance between the future (vision) and the present (day-to-day responsibilities). He, and his business it seemed, was at the end of their ropes.

What to do When Your Business is at the End of its Rope

According the Small Business Administration, almost 90% of all businesses in America fail. My friend was about to become a statistic. In today’s episode I share with you what I shared with him.

While it’s geared towards the struggling entrepreneur, it applies to everyone, whether your business is struggling, wildly successful, or you have no business at all.

Living Without Embarrassment

Our three-year daughter Aracelli sings, dances, shouts with abandon, like no one is watching. At a recent concert, all of those were on display.

Living Without Embarrassment

We recently took Aracelli to her first concert. She danced like it was a private show, just for her. No embarrassment. No wondering whose watchful eyes were judging her. No fear of pointing fingers or snickering voices.

She sang at the top of her lungs, sometimes when the music wasn’t playing. She shouted in response to the artists. She felt no shame.

Episode 062: Overcoming Any Obstacle with Darin Sargent

Darin Sargent was born with a gift. It might not look like a gift to you and me, but Darin thinks it is.

Episode 062: Overcoming Any Obstacle with Darin Sargent

Darin was born with only one hand. Here’s what he writes about it:

I have been born with a unique gift of having only one hand and it has helped me see life from a different perspective than most. I believe what you read on my blog and in my books will reveal that to you and in some way help you with the challenges that life seems to often bring our way.

I don’t know what Darin would be doing today if he had two hands. But I do know this…that when he walks into a room full of antsy teenagers to tell them that they can overcome obstacles, two-handed Darin doesn’t stand a chance. One-handed Darin, on the other hand, commands immediate attention.

How to Overcome Pessimists Once and for All

Have you ever actually listened to an economist on the news? They might be the single most depressing group of people on earth. I’ve never heard one actually say anything optimistic.

How to Overcome Pessimists Once and for All

Here’s what a typical interview sounds like:

News reporter: Good news! The economy added 200,000 new jobs last month.

Economist: Yes, but…doom and gloom, obscure economic principle, the end of the world is near, etc. etc.

200,000 people who last month didn’t have jobs now have jobs and somehow Mr. Economist manages to find the negative.