Can you believe it? The 4th quarter of 2014 is already here.

For me, that means my busiest season is here. With the Christmas season officially here, my consulting business really picks up.

This is a time to look ahead to a strong finish to the year, but it’s also a time to look back on September. There were many things to celebrate and many lessons learned…and as always, I share them all below.

September Fall Leaves
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1. Podcast Launch

All I can say is WOW.

The World Changer Show launch on September 16 with a bang! Three months of learning, planning, and promoting were worth it. We hit #5 overall in the Business category of iTunes on September 17, only one day after the launch.

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“But we pay well, have free food, and a company arcade. This is a great job”

Those were the words of the leader of a fast-growing startup (we’ll call him Simon) who was hemorrhaging team members. As fast as he could hire one person, it seemed like two were out the door.

What teams want from their leaders
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OK, it wasn’t that bad. He has more than one hundred team members and is forecasted for nearly $200 million in revenue this year. The seven-member executive team seems happy and all but one of them have been in place for the past three years.

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Is it time for you to give up something?

Some job that you’ve been stuck in for a decade with no advancement. Some project you just can’t wrap your head around. Some company that you hold on to just because that’s what your family’s always done.

If you’re going to do something, anything, your goal should be to be the best at it. Nothing less will do. So, what are you giving up?

Be the best
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Be the best or give it up

In 1982, soon after becoming CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch made a bold statement: That GE would either be #1 or #2 in an industry or it would get out.

If a GE business wasn’t the best or nipping on its heels, there were only three options:

Fix, sell, or close.

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What’s it like to retire at the age of 27?

Austin Netzley knows. Or does he?

That’s a topic we explore in today’s episode along with much more.

Austin Netzley Interview
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About Austin

Austin is the host of the YoProWealth podcast. He graduated college 6 years ago with:

  • $80,000 in debt (mostly student loans)
  • Only ~$100 in my bank account
  • A middle-class mindset
  • Lots of ambition, but also stress, fear, lack of confidence, and a lot of uncertainty about what to do with his life.

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