What To Do If You Struggle Sending Too Many Emails… [VIDEO]

Watch This If Emailing Your List Too Often Scares You

According to a recent reader survey, over 70% of my audience worries about emailing their list too often. Recently, I got an email from James Prescott expressing his fear of what might happen if he emails his list three or four times a week. If you have similar fears or concerns, watch this video. Resources […]

Key #10 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (The “X” Factor) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 169

We’re wrapping up our series on closing affiliate sales with the 10th and final key. This is the one factor that I can’t measure. It’s just something I noticed as I reviewed all the emails. That’s why I call it the “X Factor.” I have no data to share and no tangible takeaway on this one. But what I noticed is that the top converters were more creative in their approach. They seemed to go outside of the box and do things that no one else (even other top converters) were doing.

Key #9 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Length of Emails) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 168

Can email length really make a difference in your ability to close sales at the end of an affiliate promotion? The research sure says it does. In fact, the top closers’ emails were nearly half the length of the non-converters. Your goal on cart close day is to get them to the sales page or your bonuses page. That is it. It’s certainly not to write a novel. Remember, short and sweet on cart close day. That is key #9 to closing more affiliate sales.

Key #8 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Call Your Prospects) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 167

Today I am sharing a closing secret that takes some serious hustle, but is VERY effective. Call your prospects. Alex Mandossian did this during Josh Turner’s launch in the spring of 2016. Literally, one of the living legends of online marketing was picking up the phone and calling prospects to sell them on Josh’s course. That is truly legendary. Today, I share WHY this works, WHO to call, and HOW to get them on the phone.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing (The Easy Way!) [VIDEO]

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing NOW!

Affiliate marketing can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to do and a hundred ways to do it. But it doesn’t have to be. There is an easy way to start affiliate marketing. And the great part is, even if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years, odds are you can use this strategy to increase […]

166: Key #7 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Use Live Chat)[PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 166

One of the simplest ways to close more affiliate sales is to engage people using live chat. It works for three reasons: 1. It stands out, 2. It’s personal, and 3. It’s an “Objection Crusher.” This is an easy way to drastically increase your commissions. So go sign up for Live Chat, install it on your site, set it up to engage people, and be available.

165: Key #6 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Promote End-of-Launch Live Events)[PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 165

In this series of how to close more affiliate sales, today’s secret was the most surprising to me. But it is also one of the most impactful. When I studied the optins for the top converters vs. the average or below average converters, I found that 13% of the top converters sales came DIRECTLY from links to live events such as webinars and AMAs. Only 5% of the below average converters’ sales did. That’s secret #6 and the topic of today’s podcast.

Why You Should Do An Affiliate Launch This Year [VIDEO]

5 Reasons To Do An Affiliate Launch This Year

I believe that you should do an affiliate launch this year. Not next year, not the year after that, but THIS year. I know that’s scary. You don’t think you’re ready…but you absolutely should do an affiliate launch this year. And in this video, I share with you five reasons why.

Key #5 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Get VERY Personal) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 164

This secret to closing affiliate sales might make you uncomfortable. It’s all about sharing YOUR personal story. Transformation stories are critical. People love them and they move sales. But you have to be willing to get vulnerable when you share your story. Today, I share how to take advantage of key #5 to closing affiliate sales.