You Can Raise World Changers – The Power of Declarations for Kids

What’s the secret to raising positive kids who believe they can change the world?

Short answer: There is none. There is no one secret to raising children who are positive, who get good grades or who go on to change the world.

But there is one technique that could make a big difference. And it is vastly underused.

World Changing Kids - Positive Declarations
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Childlike Persistence

Average people use fatigue as an excuse to give up. Don’t be average! Perhaps you’ve set a goal and it seems so out of reach, it is impossible to conceive of achieving anymore. Your attempts to reach your goal started bad, got worse, and now you just want a fresh start. Maybe it started of great […]

Play in the Rain

I hate the rain. As an adult, rain means that I will cold and wet when I get to the office, that my gadget might get ruined, and that the grass will be harder to mow tomorrow. Rain means traffic is going to suck. My shoes will squish, and my perfectly styled hair will be […]