The One Thing You Really Need to Know About Personal Development

Do you want to know the real magic word when it comes to personal development?

It might surprise you. It sure got me thinking when Dan Erickson shared it with me.
Read more from Dan below. If you don’t know Dan, he is a college instructor, a single dad, a musician, and a writer. He’s written hundreds of poems and songs and two books: A Train Called Forgiveness and At The Crossing of Justice and Mercy. Read his advice below and then

Productivity does not equal personal development - Dan Erickson

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When Matt asked me to write a post on personal development the first thing that came to mind was:

“Really? Personal development? Why me, Matt?”

That’s right. My first thought was that I am definitely not qualified to write about personal development. After all, what have I accomplished in life? I’m just a college instructor who’s written a couple of books that have sold less than a couple hundred copies. Personal development? Me?

The second thing that came to mind was a word:


Your Locus of Control

What is your Locus of Control?

Huh? My what of what?

Don’t worry, we’ll get to what that is and why it’s important soon. But first…

Sixty Day Blog Challenge Matt McWilliams

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post for Dan Erickson’s blog entitled Take the Sixty-Day Blog Challenge

I asked Dan to do a follow-up post…and explain the Locus of Control. In addition to blogging, Dan also writes songs, poetry and has written two books, A Train Called Forgiveness and At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy. He’s also an on-again/off-again runner like myself.

Take it away Dan!

Top Blog Commenters for September 2013 on Matt McWilliams

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I am amazed at the community here.

Last month was a record month on my blog.

Highest number of hits.

Highest number of hits from social media shares.

Highest number of unique visitors.

Highest number of comments.

By any metric possible, it was a great month, so I wanted to say thank you…

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48 Days Coaching Master Program with Dan Miller

How to be a Strong Finisher

It’s important to start, but success is always found in the finish.

You’ve heard the expression “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” That is true, but there are approximately 2,154,999 more steps to go (seriously, I did the research…it’s more if you are shorter, less if you are taller). And those steps are just as meaningful.


How to Reach the Finish Line Strong

With that in mind, I asked Dan Erickson to share with us how to be a finisher.

Dan teaches public speaking, mass media, and feature writing courses at a college in the Pacific Northwest.  He blogs about writing and writing as a form of therapy at He writes songs, poetry and has written two books, A Train Called Forgiveness and At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy. He’s also an on-again/off-again runner like myself.

Five Essential Tips for Successful Public Speaking

You wake up standing naked in front of the class.

A ravenous lion is chasing you across the Serengeti.

Living on the streets with no money, no food, and no clothes.

Cancer. Falling from a tall building.

Those are your greatest fears, right?

Not according to studies which show that the most common fear people have is public speaking.

Public Presentation Skills by Dan Erickson

Odds are if you are reading this, at some point in your life you will have to deliver quite a few public speeches and Dan Erickson can help you. He is a “communication instructor” at a community college by trade. He is also a writer and blogs at

Top Comments from November

We had some great commentary in November. This truly is what makes this blog so awesome…your comments. Your life experiences and reactions shared with everyone, for the benefit of everyone. Thank you for sharing! Here are some of my favorite comments from last month. Each of them below has an excerpt but I highly recommend […]

Go Fetch: Lessons from a Dog

What lessons can you learn from a dog? I’ve written before about the importance of greeting people like dogs and today Dan Erickson shares three more lessons from his dog, Shep. Dan is a writer, blogger, teacher, and musician.  He was the child victim of a religious cult and struggled through his twenties, but came […]