Who Else Wants to Stop Leaving Projects Half-Finished?

“I’m full of ideas, Matt. I start out great and then…I can’t seem to finish.”

Are you like this coaching client of mine? Always leaving projects half-finished? Or, even worse, 80% or 90% done?

Half-finished Project
A project left unfinished is no better than a project never started. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

One of my coaching clients recently brought this up on one of our calls.

He is like so many world changers. Full of ideas and passion. Short on seeing things through to the end.

He has “Shiny Object Syndrome.” I can relate as, I am the president of the Recovering Shiny Object Syn–hey, I have an idea.

This client, like so many, is missing out on using one powerful tool that all successful finishers use.

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I received an email recently from a reader that read:

I am just starting my business and I work by myself.

Sometimes I can go all day focused. Sometimes I can go only go for hours. But when I lose my focus, I am done for the day. I cannot get it back.

Any suggestions?

I can sympathize with this person because I have been there, done that…it was called yesterday. OK, just kidding. Yesterday was actually an exceptionally focused day. But I have gone through it often.