Should You Outsource or Hire An Affiliate Manager in House? [VIDEO]

30 Days of Q&A - Day Fifteen

If your business has reached the point where you are ready to bring on an affiliate manager, what should you do? One option is to outsource your affiliate management (like we offer for our clients). Another is to bring it in-house. Today, I share which of these is best for different businesses.

In this video, I share who should hire in-house and who should outsource.

Episode 080: The One Thing Every Leader Must Learn To Do

How to Develop Greater Freedom and Trust

Every great leader must learn to do this one thing. In today’s episode we’re going to break down this habit and teach you how to implement into your leadership.


This episode marks big changes for the World Changer Show.  Here are some of the changes:

  • New Co-host — Mark Sieverkropp
  • Video-cast of the podcast (see below)
  • Mark will be doing much of the show prep for the podcast

In today’s episode we talk about this exact topic…delegation.

The REAL Reasons You are Overworked

3 Reasons Why Your Workload is a Status Symbol

One of the number one complaints I hear from people who’ve “made it” professionally is that they feel overworked. This is true for corporate CEOs, middle managers, and even entrepreneurs. They are making more money than ever before and yet they realize they are working too much. Here’s the scary part, though: They are proud of it.

The REAL Reasons You are Overworked

Have you ever felt that way? You know you are working way too much and yet you feel a sense of pride?

What Every Great Leader Eventually Learns

I don’t consider myself a great leader. Yet.

But I’ve learned the one thing every great leader eventually learns. In fact, I am finally putting it into practice.

Great leaders delegate It takes a team to change the world. It takes a leader who will give up control and delegate. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

I finally reached the point earlier this year when my first thought on a new to-do item is “who can I assign this to?” That is the one thing that all great leaders learn to do.

Doing it all myself

I’m 35 years old as of this writing. I’ve been business owner or leader of some sort for ten years almost to the day. For the majority of that time, I did everything myself. I didn’t delegate except as a last resort.

I hired my first assistant in 2007 but it never occurred to me to delegate anything of importance to her. The same was true for my next assistant. Thankfully, he was ambitious and looked for opportunities to shine without waiting for me to delegate to him. Naturally, he was promoted.

Who Are You Really Leading? | Raising Adults & Next Generation Leaders

If you are a parent, who are you really raising?

If you are a leader at work, who are you really leading?

When you look at these two questions the right way, it changes everything.

Parent leading a child

For the parents

Parents, you are not raising children, you are raising adults. (Tweet that)

When I look at our two-and-a-half year old daughter, Aracelli, it’s hard for me to look past her adorable eyes and see a grown woman someday soon. It’s hard for me realize that while she struggles now with pronouncing the letter “L” correctly (she makes a “W” sound), she may one day speak in front of thousands of people. It’s hard for me to see past her innocence and her purity.

Overworked and Proud of It: Workload as Status Symbol

Is your workload a status symbol?

Overworked and Proud of It

A recent Harvard Business Review article entitled, Why Men Work So Many Hours, had a passage that totally floored me:

How do the elite signal to each other how important they are? “I am slammed” is a socially acceptable way of saying “I am important.” Fifty years ago, Americans signaled class by displaying their leisure: think banker’s hours (9 to 3). Today, the elite — journalist Chrystia Freeland calls them “the working rich” — display their extreme schedules.