Mid-Week Motivation: Don’t Settle for Ishmael, Wait for Your Isaac

Don’t settle for Ishmael when you’ve got an Isaac coming. WARNING: I’m about to get my Bible on, so if that isn’t your thing, it’s cool. Come back tomorrow. But I suggest reading this anyway. Don’t settle for Ishmael when you’ve got an Isaac coming. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share […]

A Woman’s Intuition (Or…The Chattanooga Job)

Men, your wife is usually right.

I don’t say that in a defeated, “I’m a little pansy-man” way. I say it in a way that exalts my wife’s God-given ability to understand and see things that escape me. I don’t know how, but my wife is usually right about the big things…and she saves me from a lot of heartache.

Woman's Intuition

In the beginning, if you believe in creation as written in Genesis as I do, God created man. Then he gave man a “helper.” My wife certainly fits that bill. Her natural intuition acts as a guide and a light to travel down the right path in life and away from the wrong paths.

The perfect example of my wife’s ability to “just know” happened almost four years ago. We had been married less than three months and I was offered a job in Chattanooga, TN. This offer was from a company over ten times the size of any previous company for which I had worked. I would be starting and running an entire division of the company, with a $2 Million first year budget, and would be able to hire my own team, including programmers. All compensation included, I would be making more than twice what I was making…and it all came about in three days. I interviewed on Friday and got the offer on Monday. I was pretty stoked.