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Let’s say you run a company with a call center.

And one day, at the end of a long shift, one of your reps gets a call from a confused customer. This customer is asking questions that even the most technically challenged person would laugh at. And your rep rolls his eyes.

What would you do?

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The customer never saw the eye roll. Only you.

The rep answered all of the questions according to the book and the eye roll was understandable considering the ridiculous questions he was being asked. Plus, it had been a long day.

The Four Things I Look for in a Prospective Employee | Interviews

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A new leader recently asked me, “What do you look for in a new hire?”

It’s a common question that I’ve asked myself repeatedly over the years. About a year ago (ironically when I least needed it as I wasn’t anywhere close to hiring anyone) I finally figured it out.

What to look for in a prospective employee

I never formalized it, but as I progressed as a leader, I realized I always looked for the rare combination of four things in a prospective team member. I call them the 4 ‘ations’ of a job prospect.

A prospective team member must display all of these to be considered:


This does not mean “school.” Yes, generally speaking I wouldn’t hire a thirty year old without a high school diploma, but beyond that, formal education means very little to me. What I do care about is what books she’s read and what she’s learned from them. Is he attending workshops or seminars? Is the prospect meeting with a mentor or work study group? Is he listening to podcasts relevant to the work?

The Two Most Important Functions of a Leader

What are the two most important functions of a leader?

The most Important leadership functions
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I think that Dan Black hits the nail on the head in this post. If you are a leader now, begin focusing on these two high ROI roles. If you are not currently a leader, start doing these two things even now and study them as you progress towards leadership.

Dan normally writes at his blog but today he is joining us here. His purpose and passion is to help people of influence reach their potential. I love Dan’s writing and highly suggest subscribing to his blog. You can connect with him on Twitter and get a free leadership quote book by clicking here.

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