Episode 099: Prosperity With Purpose with Ray Edwards

Why You Should Choose to Prosper

Have you ever had the opportunity to talk with someone that you have looked up to for a long time? What would you ask them? What would you talk about? Recently I had the opportunity to do just that…my guest and I talk about fear, business and how to prosper with purpose.

Episode 099:  How to Change the World Through Business with Ray Edwards

Today’s Topics

In today’s episode, our guest and I talk about:

  • What the root of business is
  • How business is inherently good
  • What “prosperity with purpose” means
  • The importance of authenticity in business
  • The role Ray’s faith plays in his life

About Today’s Guest

Ray is a copywriter by trade (meaning he writes sales copy, so don’t ask him how to copyright your new widget). He has worked with some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), and Tony Robbins. He is also a speaker and author, hosts my favorite podcast, wrote the #1 Amazon Bestseller Writing Riches, and a good friend.

The PROVEN Formula for Success at Anything

Taking the Mystery Out of Success in Every Aspect of Life

Why does success feel so elusive sometimes? I know that for me, it feels that way when I overcomplicate the formula. The fact is that the formula for success is simple. Today, I’ll share it with you.

The proven formula for success - Jack Canfield

When I took the time recently to review some of my greatest successes in life, I realized that they all followed the same formula. I accomplished what I accomplished because each and every time I did what I am about to teach you.

The formula was always surprisingly simple and easy to follow, too.

You Are What You Hear

How to Overcome Negative Relationships and Stay Positive

The one thing I see repeatedly with ultra-successful people in any profession is that they are intentional about who they surround themselves with. Are you?

You are what you hear

“Why don’t you get a real job?”

“You’re wasting your time on that.”

“You’ll never make any money doing that.”

What if Your Biggest Critics are the Ones you Love the Most?

What do you do if your biggest critics are the people closest to you?

That’s the question a reader emailed me recently in response to my post, This 1 Thing Will Silence Your Critics Forever. In it, I suggest the best thing to do with critics is to leave them.

In her case, her biggest critics are her mom and her brother. So what should she do?

Change your critics
It’s not your job to change your critics. It’s your job to live out your purpose. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Before I answer the question, let me repeat my definition of what a critic is and isn’t, just so we are clear:

A critic is not someone who brings up legitimate concerns or occasionally points out flaws in your logic. A critic is not someone who tells a 300-pound man who hasn’t exercised since the Clinton administration that he should lose some weight and get on a training plan before running a marathon. There is a big difference between a realistic friend and a critic.

A critic is someone who tells you that any dream beyond his or her bubble of understanding is ridiculous or impossible. They label you a dreamer or a child. They believe it is impossible to live a dream and still provide for your family. They think that happiness on the job and responsibility are mutually exclusive. When you leave a critic’s presence, your energy is depleted, your joy stripped, and your dreams crushed.