How to Encourage Others and Inspire Your Followers

6 Ways to Build Others up and Grow Your Influence

When is the last time someone told you, “I’m proud of you”? Not for what you’ve done or accomplished but just for being you. If you are like most people, it’s been far too long.

How to Encourage Others and Inspire Your Followers

Those four words are some of the most encouraging words we can hear. That’s why I whisper them to our daughter every night before she goes to sleep.

No matter what she did or didn’t do that day, no matter what she accomplished or how she acted, she will hear those four powerful words:

“I’m proud of you.”

Two Scientifically Proven Techniques to be a Better Leader | Cialdini

I’m about to share two incredible techniques that will:

Increase employee engagement

Get your kids more involved at home

Have customers coming back for more

Allow you to be an influencer-extraordinaire


One book that I have read and re-read is Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive by Robert Cialdini, Noah Goldstein, and Steve Martin (not that Steve Martin. As far as I know this one is not particularly funny).

By now, there is more highlighted than there is not highlighted and each time a few chapters speak to me in a way they did not the first or eleventh times.

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