The Miracle of Mentoring

Where have all the mentors gone?


Miracle of Mentoring - Passing the Torch

I recently had lunch with a friend and the topic of mentoring came up. My friend is short on time. His schedule is crammed already and he feels like he hardly has time to breathe.

So what advice did I give him?

To mentor someone.

Yes, that is right. I suggested he spend an additional two hours each week mentoring someone.

The Happiness-Success Paradox

I’ll be happy when _________. Go ahead, fill in the blank. That blank is your definition of “success.” But here is the paradox: To achieve authentic success, you must be happy first. Happiness leads to success, which leads to more happiness, which leads to…and thus the cycle is born. Round and round you go on […]

How Not to Suck at Email – Part Two

You still probably suck at email. Even if you read yesterday’s post. Here are four more tips to help you stop sucking at email. If you follow these four tips and yesterday’s tips, your email will improve drastically, your stress levels will lower, and your relationships will be much better. When you’re done reading, share […]

How Not to Suck at Email

You probably suck at email.

How not to suck at email - Matt McWilliams
You probably suck at email. Here are four ways that will help you not to suck. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Statistically, it’s a safe bet that you do. The overwhelming majority of people I know suck at email. Grandmothers who just got a computer earlier this year and forward me emails about cats. CEOs who have been online since the mid-90’s. Customer service people who send and receive over 100 emails every day. Most of them suck at email.

There is a good chance that you know that email could be better. You could do it better and you could teach others to do it better. For most people, if we improved our email skills by just 20% and those around us did as well, we could save 2-5 hours every week in lost productivity, not to mention reduce our stress and greatly improve our relationships.

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