Today is the day.

The day that retailers and deal shoppers love, while others just like to make fun of all the chaos. Some wait in line, barefoot, in the snow, and then walk uphill both ways to save $100 on a gadget they likely don’t really need.

black friday picture
Stupid person: The car payment wasn’t as important as the TV, It’ll be important next month.
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I find myself stuck in the middle.

On the one hand, I find myself face palming over people like April Toner, a 26-year-old day care owner, who found a great deal on a television, but didn’t have the money in her budget:

The car payment wasn’t as important as the TV, It’ll be important next month.

Uh, what?

“Hello, I’m common sense and I’m looking for a home…oh I guess there’s no room available there.” Your car payment…your source of transportation to and from pretty much everywhere…and it’s not as important as a television? I just figured out a lot about American political trends with that statement.

On the other hand, the next five weeks have the potential to make or break my fiscal year. At the same time, the utter madness that is the “Holiday Shopping Season” kind of makes me sick. I spend my days (and nights…my days pretty much run from 5:30 am to 9:00 or so this time of year) trying to hit our goals and dominate the market. I spend my late nights pondering a move to Guam to escape the consumerism of our culture.

This year the Black Friday strategy is ‘this is war.’

Dana Telsey, president of Telsey Advisory Group, a New York investment firm specializing in retail sales.

War? Like life or death combat war? Or like the innocent card-flipping game war? Or perhaps the 1-2-3-4-I-declare-a-thumb-war type of war? Yeah, I’m sure it was one of the latter two.

So my heart is torn this day. Thankfully all of my work is online, so I cannot be held responsible for causing any instances of a usually kind and gentle mother of three running over other people with her cart to get the last of the sing-along sets. Besides, our big day is Cyber Monday…oh crap, three more days.

Are you shopping for deals today?


4 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Dan Black says:

    I did not dare shop on Black Friday! When it comes to seeing a deal sometimes my common sense is overlooked.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      HAHA! My wife ventured out in the late morning and came back alive. All in all, I consider that a win!

  2. Jon Stolpe says:

    We didn’t do any shopping yesterday besides picking up a couple of things at the grocery store. We spent much of the day geocaching with my nieces and my in-laws. I think we had more fun!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      I think watching grass grow is more fun…although it doesn’t grow much in Northern Indiana this time of year 🙂

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