I started Matt McWilliams Consulting in the summer of 2011 with a vision of helping companies across the country (and globe) do what I have done for the past ten-plus years:

Build intimate relationships with scale.

Since our humble beginnings (me working part-time on the side with one small business), we have grown to a small team helping businesses ranging from publicly-traded retail giants to thirty-person start-ups to part-time solopreneurs looking for a leg up in their marketing and customer relations.

Despite serving so many different-sized companies in numerous industries ranging from retail to education to financial services to B2B training, we are not for everyone. We are very picky about who we take on as a client. Our approach is very hands on, for us and for you. We’re going to get dirty…and so are you.

If you’re looking for guidance or growth in any of the following areas, contact us to set up an initial consultation:

  • General online marketing
  • Affiliate marketing and management
  • Affinity marketing
  • Facebook and LinkedIn marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Customer retention
  • Improving customer experience

Personal Awards

We bring my personal experience in online marketing spanning ten-plus years. Here is a short list of awards I’ve personally won or my companies have won over the years.

2010 Affiliate Manager of the Year – Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards

2009 Affiliate Manager of the Year – AbestWeb

2007 Best in Business Award, 25 or less employees – Nashville Business Journal

2013 Affiliate Manager of the Year Finalist – Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards

Quotes and Testimonials

“I went to Matt for advice and ideas about the affiliate program I was managing at the time…it was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made. Matt was and is one of the most friendly people I’ve met and he goes the extra TEN miles to help you. Matt also tells it straight-forward and won’t sugar coat the truth. It is refreshing to have an honest person and brilliant mind like Matt in the marketing community. I look forward to working with him much more!”
-Patrick Vesperman, Senior Marketing Analyst, Target

“Matt is awesome to work with. He is professional and works hard. He has great followup skills and always finds a solution. He has been a pleasure to work with the last few years. He is very proactive and that’s what you want in an Online Marketer.”
-Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising

“Any affiliate managers looking for someone to emulate should look to Matt McWilliams.” Read the full article entitled Affiliate Managers Who Get It
-Joe Sousa, Affiliate Manager – Fanatics

“Matt is a visionary in the development of Affiliate Marketing programs with unique contributions to the art of affiliate relationship development. Matt is a thought leader in the affiliate space and was an integral contributor to the development of the HometownQuotes insurance platform. I would highly recommend Matt McWilliams.”
-Todd Chapple, Chief Marketing Officer – NetQuote Inc.

“Matt’s one of the best affiliate managers out there, and he’s simply a wonderful guy to boot!”
-Carolyn Tang, Director of Affiliate Marketing, Groupon

“Matt is one of those guys that just gets things done. He is creative, charismatic and thinks outside to box to achieve results. He brings a powerful presence to any situation and is truly an asset to those fortunate enough to work with him.”
-Hunter Ingram, former CEO, HometownQuotes

“My time working with Matt was short, but one of the better business relationships I had. He has redefined the image of HometownQuotes in such a positive fashion. His commitment to excellence  is surpassed by no one! If I ever end up back in this vertical he will be one of the first people I reach out to!”
-Michael McDonough Director of Business Development Insurance Quote Exchange

“Matt is a top notch affiliate manager. His efforts have been instrumental to HometownQuotes.com winning the 2007 Best in Business Award by the Nashville Business Journal. He is responsive, relationship-oriented (an important part of the affiliate marketing business), passionate and diligent. I highly recommend Matt to anyone who may be looking for an affiliate manager.”
-Geno Prussakov, Affiliate Marketing Consultant, Affiliate Manager, AM Navigator LLC

“Matt helped me make my business more profitable. Before I started working with him my affiliate income was a minor part of my income. Now it is my primary income stream. Since I’m a self taught programmer and webmaster, I needed a lot of hand-holding in the beginning. Matt and his staff helped me tremendously.”
-Alston Balkcom

“In my years of working in affiliate marketing, having a truly great affiliate manager is a rarity. Matt is one of the best; he really goes above and beyond to help out with anything you could possibly need.”
-Robert Turek, affiliate marketer

“…since Matt took over the program he has raised the bar and absolutely has done an amazing job.”
-Brian Littleton, CEO of ShareASale, nominating Legacy Learning Systems for Most Improved Affiliate Program 2009

“Matt is one of the most knowledgeable affiliate marketers I’ve had the privilege of coming across. He is generous with his time and expertise. He also does things the right way. It is clear to me that Matt understands the needs of his advertisers at all times, while focusing on maximizing the revenue opportunities for his affiliates.”
-Howard Yeh, VP, Corporate Development, BrokersWeb


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