The Perfect Entrepreneurial Mindset

I love this! Hat tip to Mark Sieverkropp who shared it from Richie Norton’s Instragram page. THIS is the entrepreneurial mindset:

Glass Half Full or Empty?

“While you debated whether the glass is empty or full, I SOLD it.” (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook


The successful entrepreneur doesn’t care about:

The economy.

The weather.

Who’s in the White House or Congress.

What others say.

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Their own disabilities or limitations.

The successful entrepreneur does care about:

Building relationships.

Creating killer products.

Offering superior service.

Selling with integrity.

Changing the world.

They sell. No matter what.

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, that  should be your mindset.

How can you have a more entrepreneurial mindset?

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16 thoughts on “The Perfect Entrepreneurial Mindset

  1. Let's Grow Leaders says:

    On my first day as an entrepreneur I just say… “amen.”

  2. David Mike says:

    You just reminded me of a side hustle project I need to get serious about! Thanks Matt, I love that quote!

    • Well, I’ll take credit for that 🙂

      Actually it does to @marksieverkropp:disqus and Richie Norton.

  3. I’m working to stay away from the trap of trading dollars for hours. It’s easy to fall into quantifying things by the per-hour return. I’ve learned that leads to poor decisions and missed opportunities. I try to look at investing my time in worthwhile endeavors regardless of immediate return…rather long term returns

    • I love your attitude about not trading dollars for hours, man. It changed the way I speak. Seriously.

      • Me too!! I just need to help my wife understand why I view things that way and what it means!

  4. Keep pushing. Stop listening to the doubters. Go. Go. Go.

  5. brentmkelly says:

    As a person that is just venturing out on my first entrepreneurial journey, let me say “thanks”

      • brentmkelly says:

        Slow and steady. I have a nice sales job that I spent 10 years building, but this entrepreneur idea has been eating at me for a couple years. Things are starting to move. it’s exciting!

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