If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a massive product launch, this post is for you. Josh Turner’s JV Manager, Ryan Farrell, recently shared their winning playbook…and you get to peak inside.

Josh Turner Appointment Generator JV launch

Josh Turner recently launched his new course, The Appointment Generator. And they launched it big. By the time the dust settled, they’d sold a ridiculous amount of courses.

The reality is that most of us will never do a mega-launch like that, though I am confident many of you will. Regardless, there are some huge takeaways from Josh’s launch that Ryan shared. I’ll break them down into two sections:

  • What You Can Learn for Your Product Launch
  • What You Can Learn Promoting Affiliate Offers

Let’s start with what Josh, Ryan, and his team did that you can copy.

Lessons For Your Product Launch

1. Get resources to your partners early

I know from experience how important this is and Ryan stressed it repeatedly.

Get your partners what they need as early as possible.

The biggest mistake I see when people are running JV/affiliate launches is that they wait until the day before or even worse, the day of, to get swipe copy to their partners. Then they wonder why no one is mailing it out.

Well, duh, it’s because they have things to do, too, and can’t wait for you to get what they need to them.

Here’s our general timeline for getting resources to affiliates in advance of a launch:

4-6 WEEKS OUT: Finalize dates and contest details and provide to partners

2 WEEKS OUT: Provide login information to partner center, complete with early swipe copy

1 WEEK OUT: Finalize swipe copy for entire launch, provide first swipe copy via email

3-5 DAYS OUT: Provide graphics for sidebar ads, social media, etc.

That is a very incomplete and general timeline, but you get the idea.

Product launch calendar

2. Put your free book on Amazon rather than offer a PDF

Most free books are offered as a PDF download.

And we know from experience that most people never read them. They value them at exactly what they paid for them…zero.

However, if you put the book on Amazon and legitimately sell it for $10, then offer it for free, the perceived (and actual) value is higher. More people read it and your new optins value what you gave them higher.

The end result is that you have built more likeability and are on your way to selling more courses.

Product launch tip: If you offer a free book, sell it on Amazon to increase perceived value.

3. Do a Facebook group for your launch partners

I am ashamed to admit that I have never done this. But Ryan sold me on the idea.

Not everyone checks their email, but they do check Facebook. And two swings of the bat are better than one.

Facebook is a great place to provide real-time updates (like a live leaderboard) and make sure your partners have what they need.

We’ll be doing one for all of our upcoming launches.

4. Have a killer partner site

Like Josh’s:

Partner site for Josh Turner

OK, this is a bit of a shameless plug here…you’ve been warned. But Ryan repeatedly mentioned the awesome partner site they had. I say it was awesome for two reasons:

  1. It WAS awesome.
  2. We did it for them.

In all seriousness, having a quality partner center is becoming more and more necessary to a successful launch. Using something that is just out of the box probably won’t do the trick. You need something that impresses and provides your partners with everything they need all in one place.

One of the services we offer is done-for-you partner web sites. All sites are custom built and offer everything your partners could need.

Lessons for Affiliates

1. Get creative with your promotion

Josh had a super competitive leaderboard. I managed to finish in 9th place, ahead of some big names, and that was mostly due to my creativity.

kOne partner was literally calling his optins to sign them up for the course over the phone. That is not only creative but it’s hustling. That partner finished top 5.

I personally used live chat on my bonus page to sell potential customers. I will make this a part of every launch I promote going forward.

It’s not important that you try either or both of those ideas. The important thing is to get creative in your promotion.

THINK: What is something you could do to be more creative when promoting launches or affiliate offers?

2. Read the launch emails

I get it…you get too much email. Me too. It’s a fact of life for online entrepreneurs.

But I am going to encourage you, both self-servingly and in your best interest to read the launch emails that are sent out. Read the emails from the JV managers. And read the emails they send out to their own list.

The live chat idea was a direct result of reading the launch emails from Ryan. First, I got their emails about their live stream and watched a few minutes of it. I saw they had live chat on their sales page. The following day I received an email from Ryan to all partners that mentioned the one partner calling his optins.

That is what triggered the idea for the live chat on my bonus page. Reading those two emails made me more than $2,000.

The lesson: Take a minute to at least scan the emails you get about the launch and you’ll run a better promotion as a result!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from watching someone’s promotion?


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5 thoughts on “How Josh Turner Ran a 7-Figure Launch

  1. Steve Pate says:

    There is no doubt he planned to win. What a great reminder to pay attention to small details and put it down on writing. (Did not watch the video yet.)

  2. Bryan Buckley says:

    Great content, Matt. Cannot wait to be in a position to have a launch. Teach me thy ways my friend!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      What do you mean by “in position.” Why not now?

  3. Ellen Finkelstein says:

    I promoted Josh’s launch, too. I came in about 24th, which I thought was good for me. Some tips: 1) Send a message to LinkedIn groups you own or manage — you can only do 1 per week, but it’s still powerful. That technique meant I sent out 125,000 emails. 2) Offer a bonus for buyers. I know that’s obvious, but not everyone does it. 3) Add your own story or angle to the emails, don’t just use the swipe copy. People don’t like it when they get the same email from 5 affiliates

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Great points all around Ellen, especially #3. It only takes a few minutes to tweak it and make it unique.

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