How to Sell Affiliate Offers to a Reluctant Audience [VIDEO]

Great Question from Arabah Joy About Selling to Hesitant Buyers

I got a great question recently from an affiliate of Michael Hyatt about selling to a reluctant audience. Her audience is not conditioned to buy and she was worried about convincing them to buy the course without upsetting them.

This question came from Arabah Joy, who wrote:

I blog in the Christian living niche, notorious for not wanting to buy and worse, for thinking “ministries” should offer everything for free. I get hate mail over that all the time.

So. I know pitching a $147 product is going to be tricky.

I’ve done okay with optins but I’m not expecting my sales conversions to do so well. I’m wondering if you have any tips for pitching to this particular audience?

Watch the video above to learn how to sell to even the most reluctant audiences.

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Question: What would you tell someone who worries about selling to reluctant audiences? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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