The word leadership has a lot of connotations.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what ‘being a leader’ actually means…

If you’ve never thought of YOURSELF as being a leader, that’s about to change in a minute.

Typically, we think of leaders as business leaders…people who dazzle us with their innovations and their ability to build billion-dollar companies from scratch.

Or politicians…those who navigate nations through challenging times such as wars, economic depressions, or catastrophic natural disasters.

Or parents, teachers, and bosses, who can leverage considerable control over their “audience” in terms of authority, experience, and credentials.

In short, we tend to think of leaders as being older, smarter, more qualified…

But guess what?

We are ALL leaders…including YOU!

When we compare ourselves to people society historically labels as “leaders”, it’s easy to be blind to our own leadership abilities.

When compared to THAT yardstick, we shrink back from our own ability to lead. We diminish our own qualifications and consider ourselves unworthy of such a title.
Sadly, we play small.

But here’s the exciting and hopefully encouraging reality—you are a leader!

Think about it…

You’ve already been where your followers want to go.

YOU are the one they are always asking for help.

Consider this quote from someone who KNOWS what leadership is…

“Leadership is influence.” —John C. Maxwell, best-selling author of more than seventy leadership books

Now, you may be thinking…’okay, so maybe I am a leader BUT…I’m NOT an expert.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share why you don’t need to be and why being only ONE step ahead of your audience is the PERFECT place to lead from.

In the meantime, in my book, Turn Your Passions Into Profits, I share the entire leadership model which explains how to capitalize on your advantages (and even your disadvantages!) so you can be an even more effective leader for your audience.

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Remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission to be a leader…

You just need to change your thinking and my book will explain how to make this important mindset shift.

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