Yesterday, I shared an excerpt from my new book, Turn Your Passions Into Profits, about leadership…and how far too many people go through life thinking they aren’t expert ENOUGH to lead…

(If you missed it, here’s the link)

The fact of the matter is…you don’t have to be an expert to be a leader.

You only need to be ONE STEP ahead of your followers.

By definition, THAT defines you as a leader.

Almost every day, I talk to people who feel they aren’t qualified to be a leader.

No degree. No letters behind their name. No credentials.

And the big one…’I’m not a subject matter expert’…

Little story…

When I think back to college, the ONLY reason I managed to pass calculus was because my tutor was a graduate assistant who had taken the same class I was in just three years before.

She wasn’t a professor. And had she been, I probably would have failed.

Instead, I was able to relate to her because…she was just one step ahead of me.

And THAT is the key to being a leader.

That one-step separation is all you need.

Take Alan Thomas…who I mention in the book…

He’s a weight loss guy…

He doesn’t have any degrees in exercise science or nutrition. Or decades of experience helping others lose weight.

In fact, he’d be the first one to admit that HE is only one step ahead of his clients.

And they love him for that!

He told me that almost every one of his clients says the same thing when they sign up for his coaching program…

’Alan, the reason I signed up with you is because you know what it’s like. You aren’t like all the other coaches who’ve been healthy and fit since they were teens. And you don’t intimidate me with a bunch of technical jargon.’

Alan struggled with his weight for years, but now he truly is an expert at losing the weight and keeping it off.

He can lead others for one reason…he’s an expert because he gets results.

He’s living proof that you only have to be one step ahead of your avatar.

Maybe you are at step B on your customer journey right now, and you don’t feel like an expert or a leader.

But guess what? You can lead your avatar from step A to step B.

You ARE an expert at that.

While you are on step B, you learn how to get to step C. Then you can lead your avatar to step C. While you are on step C, you learn step D and lead your avatar there—and so on.

Tomorrow, I’ll share the story of an amazing woman who FELT unqualified but soon found herself making a HUGE difference in the world…and enjoying the benefits of a profitable business while doing it.

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