Today I have the privilege of writing a guest post on the Willow Creek Association blog about my leadership transformation…one that is still in progress of course. Many of you know parts of the story, but this post fills in some of the gaps. Here is an excerpt:

When I first became a leader, my team could be sure of three things:

  1. I would probably correct their work after they did it.
  2. I felt they were dispensable.
  3. I expected them to know everything despite having barely trained them.

After I started to change, I wanted them to know four things:

  1. I trusted them.
  2. I valued them.
  3. I was available to them if needed.
  4. They were well-trained and completely competent without me standing over their shoulders.

You can read the full post here. And while you’re there, drop me a comment and share your thoughts on if you have ever used feedback to transform your leadership and the results from it.

About the Willow Creek Association:

The Willow Creek Association (WCA) is a non-profit that believes in a vision that one day it would become normal for every church to prevail. For that to happen, a movement of first responders needs to rise up to follow the fresh winds of the Spirit in establishing biblical patterns of church life that blaze new trails for others to follow. These are the kinds of pioneering leaders and churches we are called to inspire and equip at WCA. It was founded by Bill Hybels, who is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, and the chairman of the board for Willow Creek Association. He convened The Global Leadership Summit in 1995. Bill speaks around the world on issues related to leadership, evangelism, and church growth. He is a best-selling author of more than 20 books, including The Power of a Whisper.

4 thoughts on “My Leadership Transformation: Willow Creek Association

  1. Skip Prichard says:

    A great overview of a leadership transition. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Hey Skip!

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the compliment. I’m glad I went through the valley so I could start my journey up the mountain. I feel like I can see the peak for the first time!

  2. Jon Stolpe says:

    Very cool!

    I appreciate what I’ve learned through your transformation. Heading over to the post now.

  3. Dan Black says:

    What a great opportunity, I’m a huge Bill Hybel’s and Willow fan. It’s great to learn more about you and your journey. Heading over now.

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