7 Things To Do Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is Easy, But Be Sure To Do These 7 Things First...

I LOVE affiliate marketing.  I believe every business can benefit from making affiliate marketing a part of their business model. The best part is…it’s SO EASY to get started. But there are some things you need to do BEFORE you start affiliate marketing. These things make it much easier to succeed from the beginning and prepare you for success in the long term.

Affiliate marketing get started list

Affiliate marketing is a great way to test the waters and start monetizing your online business. There is no risk. You don’t need to create a product. You don’t need employees (or anyone else).

An Interview with…ME! (Pt 2 of 3) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 276

I almost made a HUGE mistake and I would have missed out on something that has completely missed on something that has completely transformed my business and my life. In this episode, Mark continues to interview me on my experience masterminding with Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, and Amy Porterfield at Blackberry Farm.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

An Interview with…ME! (Pt 1 of 3) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 275

OK, so THIS was fun (and nerve-wracking)! Mark Sieverkropp interviewed me about my recent getaway to Blackberry Farm where I got to spend four days hanging out and masterminding with Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and Michael Hyatt. It was a life-changing experience and a bunch of FUN! I also learned a ton and recently shared my takeaways in a 12-part podcast series. Listen to this epic 3-part interview as Mark asks me to take it deeper, share more takeaways, lessons, and more!

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

Affiliate Recruiting: Reach More Affiliates…And Get them to Say YES!

7 Types of Affiliates You Should Recruit - and How To Get Them to Promote

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of starting, growing or running an affiliate program is finding and recruiting affiliates. Where do you find the right affiliates and, once you find them, how do you get them to agree to promote your product or offer? In today’s post, I’ll share how to dramatically increase the number and type of affiliates you recruit and how to get more of them to say “yes” to promote your offers.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

Every month I get countless requests from people wanting me to manage their affiliate programs and launches. But, when it comes right down to it, almost always, what they REALLY want is help finding and recruiting affiliates.

The Recurring Revenue Revolution (An Interview with Stu McLaren) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 273

One year ago, I was locked in a room writing the scripts for our No Product No Problem launch videos. Over the course of two grueling days, I wrote more than 200 pages of scripts. As I wrote the scripts, I channeled my inner Stu McLaren…someone I’ve admired and followed for some time. Stu is my marketing muse. And I’m so pumped to introduce him to you today. Every word out of his mouth is like a little gold nugget of awesomeness that you can use to grow your business. So listen up as Stu and I discuss how to create some serious recurring revenue in your business.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

How to Run Affiliate Contests Without Breaking the Bank [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 272

If you’re running an affiliate launch or affiliate program and you need a way to drive more sales without doing a costly leaderboard contest, I have the solution. Typically, the only way to drive more affiliate sales is to up the ante and offer more prizes to your top partners. But that is risky and doesn’t always have the greatest ROI. Today, I share a better way to reward your affiliates for more sales.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

Life-Changing Trip…And You Get All the Lessons

Binge Listen to the Blackberry Farm Sessions Now

In late March 2019, I spent an amazing four days at Blackberry Farm in the mountains of Tennessee. The trip was a prize for the top affiliates of Michael Hyatt. My wife, Tara, and I spent this time with Michael, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and their spouses. I left with so many new ideas, strategies, and stories…and I shared them ALL on my podcast.

Below, you can binge-listen to all 12 episodes of “The Blackberry Farm Sessions” now.

Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Amy Porterfield at Blackerry Farm