[LIVE LESSON] 7 Commitments That Will Turn Your Life Around In 2021

I made HUGE leaps in my business and my life by making 7 commitments and I share them in this video. The lesson I share is applicable not only to business, but to all aspects of your life. 3 years ago, I made these 7 commitments and it transformed my entire life…and I’m sharing them all with you right here!

[LIVE LESSON] How To Create Authority And Build An Audience…Even If No One Knows Who You Are

I had a very special guest join me for a very special lesson. If you want to know how to create authority and grow an audience in your niche…even if NO ONE knows who the heck you are, this lesson is for YOU! If you’ve been struggling to build your audience and create a name for yourself in your niche, NOW is the time to fix that. Ray Brehm is the guru’s guru, helping entrepreneurs of all sizes establish authority, spread their message, and increase their impact and influence. He joined me for a special lesson revealing some of his best strategies for building YOUR business even if you are a complete unknown right now! Come join us and you won’t be an unknown for very long!

Surprising Lessons from a First Affiliate Launch

The Affiliate Guy Episode 393

Debriefing after an affiliate launch is an important part of systematizing the lessons you learn. Today, you get a behind-the-scenes look at a debrief of Scott Barlow’s very first affiliate launch and you get to learn some of the surprising lessons he learned. Five very powerful lessons in today’s episode…Let’s go!

My First Affiliate Launch: Powerful Lessons from Scott Barlow

The Affiliate Guy Episode 392

Ever wonder what it’s like to get behind-the-scenes access to other entrepreneurs’ affiliate launches? Today, you get that chance. Some first-time affiliate launches are big. Some are small. Some are resounding successes, while others are unmitigated disasters. Most, however, fall somewhere in between. That’s exactly what happened to Scott Barlow with his first affiliate launch.

[LIVE LESSON] STOP! Is Your Promo Calendar Missing This? If so, It Could be Killing Your Business!

If your promo calendar is missing this ONE thing, it could be KILLING your business! In this lesson, we share what it is and how to avoid it. STOP! Is Your Promo Calendar Missing This? If so, It Could be Killing Your Business! I’m going to share the missing part of most peoples’ promo calendars…and why it hurts their businesses!

How to Boost Your Confidence and Take Your Business to the Next Level with Mary Mitchell

The Affiliate Guy Episode 391

We’re doing something really exciting on The Affiliate Guy Podcast. We’re adding a new segment called “Mindset Minute with Mary Mitchell.” To kick it off, I brought Mary on to talk about her journey from utterly lacking confidence and belief in herself to an entrepreneur who is thriving emotionally. This is one of the most powerful episodes I’ve ever released and I can’t wait for you to listen!

How is FEAR Holding You Back?

The Affiliate Guy Episode 390

I still remember the first time I saw my dad having a panic attack. It was utterly terrifying. He was rocking himself back and forth on the floor, sweating profusely, trembling from an unknown fear. I didn’t know it at the time, but his heart was racing, his body was numb, and he was detached from reality. My dad’s fears were just like your fears in business. They are holding you back from building the business you dream of. Today, that STOPS!