Who You Should (And Should NOT) Share Your Goals With [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 247

Last week, I wrote a post entitled, Why I’m Not Sharing My 2019 Goals This Year. I shared that research shows that we shouldn’t share our goals publicly as we’re less likely to achieve them. But who SHOULD we be sharing them with? In today’s episode, I’ll share what has and what hasn’t worked for me.

Podcast episode about holiday affiliate promotions

How I Tripled my Income in 3 Years…After Getting Fired

I still remember the horror, the helplessness, and the hatred I had in my heart. I’d just been fired from a job I hated but felt that I needed to keep. We’d just moved into a new home, with a new mortgage and our six-month-old daughter was asleep upstairs.

How I Tripled my income after getting fired

My first reaction was panic. I was absolutely terrified. New dad, new house, single income.


My next emotion was helplessness. I literally had no idea what to do. Sure, I hated my job. In fact, just the night before, my wife Tara essentially told me I needed to find a new job…or else.

Why I’m Not Sharing My 2019 Goals This Year

And Why You Shouldn't Share Your Either

In years past, I’ve often shared my goals with just about anyone who will hear (or read) them. I’ve shouted them from the rooftops as if to say, “Look at my incredible ambition.” But I’m no longer doing that. Here’s why.

Podcast episode about holiday affiliate promotions

Before I get to why I’m NOT sharing my goals, let’s talk about why we DO share our goals.

There are many reasons why we might share our goals with others, but I believe there are three primary reasons.

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First Click vs. Last Click - Settling the Debate Once and For All!

I hear affiliates ask all the time, “Do you use first click or last click attribution when assigning sales?” It’s one of the biggest debates in the affiliate marketing world, and quite frankly, it’s been blown WAY out of proportion. In this video, I settle the debate once and for all – using statistics from numerous launches involving thousands of affiliates and millions of dollars in sales.

Overcoming the “Messy Middle” in Affiliate Launches [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 244

The problem with any big affiliate product launch is what we call the “Messy Middle.” It’s not the first day or the last day when sales are huge. It’s everything in between. So how do you make the middle less messy and boost your sales? That’s what today’s episode is all about!