If you are even thinking about buying Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass with Kevin Harrington and Zig Ziglar, make sure to read this full review first. Learn what’s amazing, what needs some work, and if this is the right for YOU. At the end, I’ll share all the exclusive bonuses I’ll send your way when you join the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass.

So the big questions, of course, are what IS Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass? Should I trust Kevin Harrington? And is this masterclass right for you?

By the end of this review you have the answers those questions and more.

First off a disclaimer though: I am an affiliate partner for this course. Now, don’t think that changes my review. By now, you know that I’m an honest guy. You’ll see pretty darn quickly I share the highs and lows of this course. I also only want people to buy this course if it’s right for them. If it’s not for you, I don’t want you to buy it and neither do they.

It does, however, mean that if you purchase through my link, I earn a commission. Now, the commission is not enough to send me on some around-the-world tour, but it’s enough that I’m able to throw in some incredible bonuses to make it more than worth your while if you do purchase through my link. The one catch is that these bonuses are not available anywhere else, but only through my link.

Let’s start with the good stuff.

What is AMAZING About the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass?

1. Zig Ziglar and Kevin Harrington are the real deal


Raise your hand if you want to learn from the two of the most incredible salesmen in the field…If you didn’t raise your hand, just stop reading now. Seriously, these guys are the BEST!

Zig Ziglar is America’s most influential believer that everyone could be, do, and have more. He’s influenced an estimated 250 million people with his 33 books, innumerable videos and recordings, and many live presentations to auditoriums filled with tens of thousands.

Recognized by his peers as the quintessential motivational genius of our times, Zig Ziglar’s unique delivery style and powerful messages earned him many honors, and today he is still considered one of the most versatile authorities on the science of human potential.

Ten of his thirty-three books have been on the best-seller lists.

Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington, on the other hand, has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years. He is an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy winning TV show, “Shark Tank.” He is also the Inventor of the Infomercial, As Seen On TV Pioneer, Co- Founder of the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA) and Co- Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

He’s has launched over 20 businesses that have grown to over $100 million in sales each, has been involved in more than a dozen public companies, and has launched over 500 products generating more than $5 billion in sales worldwide.

Kevin’s influence has reached over 100 million people through his multi-media presence and industry dominance. As a prominent business thought leader, Kevin is often featured and quoted as a business leader in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, etc, etc, etc. He’s kind of a big deal and has published acclaimed books like Act Now! How I Turn Ideas Into Million Dollar Products as well as the best seller, Key Person of Influence.

If you can’t learn something from these guys, then you can’t learn (and Zig would say you’re wrong and that you can learn).

2. 1,000,000 CopiesSecrets of Closing The Sale by Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar’s book, Secrets of Closing The Sale has sold nearly 1 million copies.  The strategies, techniques, and tips he teaches have been tested and proven time and time again.

Zig’s timeless secrets are the basis for the Master Class and fueled the creation of multiple video and audio resources and this best-selling book.

3. Rock Solid Business and Life Wisdom

Yes the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass is all about business and sales, but it’s so much more.

Learn just how important you are to your business in Module 2. They show you how develop the understanding that you are the most overlooked and ignored asset that you have.

This course takes you through the nuts and bolts of business while teaching you how to tune into your customers. Once you really understand them, then you’ll be able to communicate clearly and close more sales.

What Can Use Some Work?

Let me level with you…I’ve spent hours looking for something I could point to that wasn’t absolutely fantastic about Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass, but I could only find one thing.

The biggest problem: there’s almost too much of a good thing.

There’s a ton of absolutely business changing content here and it’s going to require some discipline to get through. Now Zig and Kevin are totally captivating and will keep you wanting more. If you’re into binge-watching Netflix, then watch out because you won’t get enough of this guys.

That’s it, plain and simple. The Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass might have included such mind changing training that it’s overwhelming. But if you’re willing to pace yourself and learn all they have to offer, your entire business will thank you.

I could say that that this course it’s not for someone who is a beginner…but I’d be lying to you.

Here’s the bottom line, Zig and Kevin have created a business altering course that addresses everything from the early basics to the most advanced questions about closing the sale. It’s a great fit for anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Who Is This Course For?

Who It’s For:

COURSE is for anyone who has a message and has or is looking to start a business that can impact millions.

This includes:

  • Sales managers and professionals (mortgage, real-estate, automobile, pharmaceutical, insurance, etc)
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who makes a living with digital marketing—or wants to
  • Authors, speakers, and platform builders of all sorts
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers and podcasters
  • Consultants
  • Industry Experts
  • Anyone who needs to build an audience

A lot of people can sell, but only the best can close—consistently.  Participants of this Masterclass can learn how to use the secrets the masters use to close deals every day.

Who it’s NOT For:

Straight to the point…this course is not for you if you’re looking to make a quick and easy buck.

There are a few other reasons this course is NOT for you. If any of the following are true, do NOT buy this course!

  • You won’t invest in yourself by putting in the required time to be successful (7 modules with multiple lessons each)
  • You’re unwilling to invest your heard earned cash. If you don’t like parting with your money to improve your life, this course will not help you.
  • You think this course is a way to make a quick buck and fill your bank account.
  • You are deathly afraid of sharing your expertise in front of others and changing their lives.
  • You are already a pro at selling and closing every single deal and you’re a master business like Zig and Kevin.

In short, if you aren’t willing to put in the work to develop your business, then I whatever you do, do NOT purchase this course.

What’s Included:

Module #1 – The Black Box

6 Lessons: When you unlock the magic of selling, you’ll discover the perspective that changes everything. Over-the-top success starts here!

Module #2 – The Invisible Asset

5 Lessons: When you understand that you are the most overlooked and ignored asset that you have, your entire selling paradigm shifts.

Module #3 – The Genius Approach

5 Lessons: Once you can see others clearly, you’ll be empowered to serve them by using The Genius Approach and leveraging the Core Secret.

Module #4 – The Hidden Arts

8 Lessons: The nuts and bolts secrets here can help you realize the truth at the heart of every sale. You’ll learn how to capitalize on that truth to sell more.

Module #5 – The Closer’s Collection

8 Lessons: Learning how to close effectively is the most powerful thing you can do to grow your confidence and get people to commit.

Module #6 – The Grand Reveal

7 Lessons: It’s time to share your idea, product, or service with the world. This includes getting in front of the right people.

Module #7 – The Dream Team

5 Lessons: If you’re ever going to realize your greatest dreams, you’ll need a team you can trust. Kevin and Zig show how to get it done.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 44 lessons from the masters of sales!

Exclusive Bonuses

So I’ve mentioned the bonuses, now it’s time to tell you all about them. If you go through my affiliate link for the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclassyou will get THREE exclusive bonuses from me.

Together, they are valued at $795.
Limiting Beliefs

Bonus #1 – Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs Self-Coaching Guide ($399)

One of the biggest obstacles to crafting and closing sales is your limiting beliefs. There are four types of limiting beliefs that you will need to overcome and I teach you how to do so in this self-coaching plan.

Until recently, this workbook was only available to my private coaching clients, but I know how critical it is to conquer your limiting beliefs to close more sales.

Bonus #2 – Anytime Access to Networking with Purpose Live! ($199)

Networking with Purpose Live Event

If you go through my affiliate link for the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass, you will also get access to a replay of my Networking with Purpose Live training I did with Mark Sieverkropp and John Corcoran.

Another common obstacle to creating deals and closing sales is having the right connections. This replay of the live event will show you how to build, grow, and nurture your network to help you find clients and close more sales.

The cheapest ticket for this event cost $199, but you’ll get lifetime, anytime access, which gets you access to the recording of the event to watch anytime you want.

BONUS #3 – List Launch Challenge Academy ($997)


We know that Zig and Kevin do a great job teaching you how to break through to the next level of sales, but we know that the best way to attract buyers is to grow your email list.

During this challenge, you’ll learn how to quickly grow your email list with the right subscribers – people who want to hear from you regularly and buy what you’re selling.

This isn’t about padding your email list with vanity metrics. I’ll show you how to grow your list quickly and get the most out of every subscriber.

What I teach in this 5-day challenge has worked for me and has worked for hundreds of others.

Bonus #4 – 7-Figure Affiliate Launch Course ($1,997)

7 figure affiliate launch

In this exclusive training, I teach you how to recruit an army of affiliates, how to motivate them to promote more, and how to grow your business like you never imagined.

I’ve worked with some of the top names in the online marketing industry helping them do just this. Names like Kevin Harrington, Zig Ziglar, Michael Hyatt, Lewis Howes, Ray Edwards, Jeff Goins, Peter Voogd, and Brian Tracy.

And when you purchase the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass through my link, I will GIVE you this training that I recently sold for $1997 and is currently unavailable to the public.

The total value of my bonuses is $3,592. 

So the last question is…what are you waiting for?

Check out the Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass NOW

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass is not currently open for enrollment, but we highly recommend that you check out their great free assessment that will help you discover what type of entrepreneur you are.