What Will You Fight For? Braveheart Freedom Speech

I admit it. I’ve memorized only one speech in my life.

And it’s the famous speech from the movie Braveheart:

Will you fight?

When chasing your dream gets hard, how will you respond?

When doing what you are called to do seems too difficult, what will you do?

Will you fight or will you run?

Fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live…at least a while.

But it will kill you.

My Writing Playlist | Music to Write to. Soundtracks and more.

I am often asked what I listen to when I write.

I write a lot, both for this blog and professionally for clients. I usually write blog posts early in the morning and finish before 7:00 AM. There are little to no distractions and I often write to the sound of absolute silence. But I do often write to music, especially during the day when distractions abound.

My writing playlist

I never write to music with words (with the exception of Gregorian chants and other non-English singing). I get too caught up in the lyrics to focus. When I am not writing, I listen to these songs that mean so much to me.