The Origin of Your Most Exciting Life Events

A funny thing happened as I looked back on the past year.

I learned an invaluable lesson. One that I had read about. One that I had been told in quotes. One that thousands of people have undoubtedly tweeted about, posted on Facebook, and probably made into memes.

My most exciting events of last year were the result of my most challenging struggles.

Challenges lead to most exciting events Your most exciting events are usually the result of your most challenging struggles. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

As I took the time to reflect on the previous year, I made a list of my highlights and my most challenging times. I did them separately. I made the first list to remember the good. I made the second list to think about how I could have improved.

Avoid Unchallenging Occupations – They Waste Your Talents

Are you challenged at work?

If not, you are probably wasting your talent.

I got this fortune cookie recently and amazingly it has the best career advice I have ever seen or heard.

Avoid Unchallenging Occupations. They Waste Your Talent. - Fortune Cookie

I tend to thrive on pressure. Not everyone is like that and that is not the point. But if I am not constantly pressured and pushed, I waste my talent. It never gets a chance to come out. It never sees the light of day.

For the Love of Work

How long will you work?

Harrison Ford is 70 and I recently read an interview with him. He described his love for work and intention to work much longer than most Americans, despite his lack of financial need to do so.

Quote about work from Harrison Ford

Do you love to work? If not, what can you do to change that?

Do you need to work? Do you love new challenges? Do you ever have to stop?

Or will you keep working until you cease to be useful? (Which, by the way, is never)

I suggest that you were made to work…and made to love your work.

You were made to work for life, in some capacity. You were made to be useful until your last breath.