How to Live With No Regrets

The 3 Reasons Keeping Your Commitments is So Dang Hard

A curious thought woke me up in the middle of the night recently. OK, it was ambulance sirens that actually woke me up, but the curious thought is what kept me up. “That could easily be me.”

How to live without regrets

Yikes! I came to grips with my own mortality at age 36 at 4:00 in the morning. That was…strange.

Not that I thought I was immortal. I figured I’d probably die someday. It just never occurred to me that it would be in my lifetime.

So, there I lie (or is it “lay?” Where is my grandmother when I need her?) in the early morning hours, pondering my own mortality. Pleasant.

The Real Definition of Insanity | Great Idea Without Execution

Knowledge is not power.

Applied knowledge is power. If knowledge alone were power, AIDS wouldn’t exist.

The time is now

A great idea without execution is the definition of insanity.

Don’t be insane like that. Be insane like Sugar Ray Leonard.

Be insane in your commitment to execution.

Be insanely committed to making things happen.

When you read something here or elsewhere, digest it, think about it, and apply it. Apply it within 72 hours.

Stop thinking about it and do it.

What Would Sam Walton Think of Today’s Wal-Mart? | Ten Rules

It’s been twenty-one years since Sam Walton passed away.

His Ten Rules for Building a Business are still posted on Wal-Mart’s web site…but are they living up to them?

Original Wal-Mart Sam Walton

Sam Walton’s Ten Rules for Building a Business are found in his book, Sam Walton: Made In America.

Let’s look at each of them one by one and see where Wal-Mart stands today. Regardless of whether they still practice these principles, it doesn’t change the truth of them. They are excellent primers for all business leaders.

1. Commit to your business.

As a leader, you have to believe in your business more than anyone else does. If you aren’t the leader, believing in the business more than anyone else does goes a long way towards becoming a leader.

Commitment means passion, intensity, and willingness to sacrifice for the business.

If I Did Not Run Today. | A Running Poem

Listen to the audio version of this post:

Well, this is a first for my blog.

A poem.

Hang on, I know what you’re thinking. A poem? Yes, a poem. Truth be told, I usually can’t help what ends up here. My thoughts and words just somehow magically transport themselves from my subconscious to the screen you are now reading. And today, that was in the form of a poem. Enjoy.

Run Today
If I Did Not Run Today

I ran today, but what if I didn’t?

I barely made it three miles and it was far from a sprint.

I rolled out of bed with all kinds of excuses.