How Leaders can Avoid a Crisis: The Drain Cleaner Technique

I discovered something interesting recently: how I use drain cleaner is a metaphor for my leadership…and life.

Sink Drain

My sink was clogged last year, so I used some drain cleaner to clear it up. While reading the instructions, I noticed that it recommended using it periodically to address “small clogs and buildup.” That seemed reasonable and I did do just that for a few months.

Confronting a Non-Confrontational Leader

What do you do when your leader won’t confront reality?

And by reality, I specifically mean underperforming team members.

Rams Butting Heads - Confronting Your Leader

I recently wrote about this from the leader’s perspective in a post entitled, Cut the Slack. In in I wrote:

Cutting people slack is code for “do nothing about it.” Cutting your team slack is a failure of leadership. Doing nothing is never an option.

One reader, Steve Pate, had a great question in the comments:

Alright then what do you do when you’re not the “leader” and you watch your boss do this all the time with other team members for the sake of “feelings”?