Episode 059: How to Live a Pain Free Life

Have you ever pushed down pain to the point that you could no longer feel? Or pushed fear down to the point where you could no longer conceive of doing what you fear? Or allowed potential discomfort to paralyze you? I have. And it almost destroyed me. The pursuit of a pain-free life will do that to you.

How to Live a Pain Free Life

Life is painful sometimes. My aunt Mary recently passed away from a two-year battle with cancer. Her last days were unimaginably painful. While we miss her tremendously, we all breathed a sigh of relief for her sake when she was taken home.

You’ve Gotta Be Hungry | Les Brown Video | Motivational Story

If you want to do anything worthwhile in life, you’ve gotta be hungry.

Mamie Brown’s baby boy (that’s Les Brown) tells a wonderful story of how he got started in radio. It’s a story of persistence, hard work, big dreams, and hunger…Les Brown was hungry.

It’s only about five minutes but will have you fired up and hungry yourself.

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We’re almost halfway through 2013. How are you progressing on your goals? What can you do today to make them happen?


How I Became a Morning Person…And You Can, Too

The morning is my time. And it can be yours, too.

Sleep is the new broke...Quote by Eric Thomas
It’s a dark and dreary morning as I write this, but I am full of life, unlike this time a year ago. That was before I became a morning person. Before I started spending my precious 24 hours each day wiser. Before I got in three good hours of productivity before my family even got out of bed.

I’ve officially been self-employed for the majority of my post-college life. One of the benefits of being self-employed is that, for the most part, I choose my own hours. And, for most of my time, that meant waking up when I wanted to.


How do you deal with PAIN?

I’ll tell you how I normally have in the past.

mid-week-motivationI sulked.

I ran.

I cursed God.

I quit.

I quit on everything. I quit chasing my dreams. I quit doing the right thing. I quit on what God had called me to. I quit trying to get better.

I quit thinking that I would ever be anything more than what I was, what I knew, and what I had been told I would be.

When pain came, everything else shut down. I became a hated man within my own body.

But I heard something that began the process of changing my view of pain. It was this quote below. Below I share the video in which I first heard it.

It somehow destroyed the little boy inside of me that said that PAIN is evil. It kicked the dream-stealing, PAIN-resistant demon inside of me right in the face.

Eric Thomas I Used the Pain to Push me to Greatness Quote