The Work That God Rewards | There is More to the Secret by Ed Gungor

What is the work that God rewards?

Boy Picking Wildflowers

Imagine for a moment two brothers, Bobby and Joey.

These two brothers went to their father one morning and asked for new bikes. Their father is left with a choice:

  • Give them the money. He has more than enough to do so.
  • Make them earn the money.

Their father doesn’t want Bobby and Joey to be takers, so he chooses option 2.

The family lives near a field of wildflowers, so the father makes a deal with the boys. For every bundle of wildflowers they pick, dad will give them each one dollar.

You’ve Gotta Be Hungry | Les Brown Video | Motivational Story

If you want to do anything worthwhile in life, you’ve gotta be hungry.

Mamie Brown’s baby boy (that’s Les Brown) tells a wonderful story of how he got started in radio. It’s a story of persistence, hard work, big dreams, and hunger…Les Brown was hungry.

It’s only about five minutes but will have you fired up and hungry yourself.

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We’re almost halfway through 2013. How are you progressing on your goals? What can you do today to make them happen?

How to be an Iron Man


That’s how many games in a row that Cal Ripken played.

Cal Ripken AKA Iron Man of Baseball

He is known as baseball’s “Iron Man,” a well-deserved nickname indeed. In case you missed it above, Cal Ripken, Jr. played 2,632 consecutive games. That’s every game on the schedule for more than 16 seasons.

If you aren’t a baseball fan, you might not know how long and grueling a baseball season is. It’s 162 games, played in less than 180 days. Across all four time zones, often with night games followed by day games or a three game series in Seattle immediately followed with a three game series in Chicago and then a series in Baltimore. And he played 2,632 of those games in a row.