What to Do When Someone is in Need

What My Four-Year Old Daughter Taught Me About Helping Others

When someone is in need, what do you do? Whether it’s a friend, a stranger, a family member, or someone who works for you, how you respond to people in need defines who you are and what your legacy will be. So, how do you respond? Well, it starts with a lesson from a four-year old.

What to Do When Someone is in Need

Earlier this summer, our four-year old daughter and I went out to pick up some dinner to bring home. As we left the restaurant and came to an intersection, we both saw a homeless man off to the side asking for money.

I drove on, instantly forgetting the existence of a man in need. My life is too busy, too important, and too comfortable to worry about someone else. I moved on. Aracelli did not.

She began to cry and told me something that I will never forget. She said:

“When someone is in need, you don’t leave them behind. You help them.”

Take Action

That’s what you do when someone is in need. You help them.

The New Math of Possibilities – What’s Your Income Goal This Year?

What’s your income goal this year?

That’s a question I often ask people when I speak to groups or consult individuals. Then I write down their answer on the board like this:

Income goal

What results is an exercise in thinking beyond what they ever imagined. Thinking differently. Thinking abundance, not scarcity. Thinking what is possible, not what they’ve always known.

What if you add a 1 to it?

I want to stretch you a little bit. What if you add a 1 to your income goal?

Just a little 1. That’s all. What do you have now?

Most people would say $40,001. Big deal. By the time you pay taxes, you’re left with a stick of gum and a single copy from the UPS Store.

When Dreams Begin to Fade Away | Help Poor Kids in America

Listen to this post

“That dream is going to slowly start fading away.”

Those are the words of a 14-year old child living in poverty. They are the words of a child I watched recently on a Frontline documentary, Poor Kids, about children in the United States living in poverty.

It’s a heartbreaking 54 minutes, but also full of hope. The children know it’s tough but they also desire for and believe for a way out.

Poor Kids
Here’s what that 14-year old said about his dream:

All I want is to play football, but football is expensive. If I don’t have the opportunity to show somebody that I can play football, football won’t exist four years from now for me. If I don’t get to play on a team this year, that dream is going to slowly start fading away.

That’s what happened to somebody’s dream, to a kid’s dream. They want to attain something and they couldn’t afford it.