When Dreams Begin to Fade Away | Help Poor Kids in America

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“That dream is going to slowly start fading away.”

Those are the words of a 14-year old child living in poverty. They are the words of a child I watched recently on a Frontline documentary, Poor Kids, about children in the United States living in poverty.

It’s a heartbreaking 54 minutes, but also full of hope. The children know it’s tough but they also desire for and believe for a way out.

Poor Kids
Here’s what that 14-year old said about his dream:

All I want is to play football, but football is expensive. If I don’t have the opportunity to show somebody that I can play football, football won’t exist four years from now for me. If I don’t get to play on a team this year, that dream is going to slowly start fading away.

That’s what happened to somebody’s dream, to a kid’s dream. They want to attain something and they couldn’t afford it.