Four Ways Not to Suck at PowerPoint Presentations, Part Two

My most important presentation was lacking in three big ways.

Despite having spent three weeks preparing my slides (which was wrong as I point out in part one yesterday), they still lacked three critical pieces. If you have not read part one, do so now. I discuss the worst mistake I made in delivering my presentation. Most people make the same mistake. I also offer six tips for fixing that mistake.

So what was wrong with my slides? Why did they lack clarity and effectiveness?

Mistake Two: My slides weren’t readable. Ever tried to read 12-point from fifteen feet away? Ever left a presentation with a screaming headache? Not only did I try to cram too much on one slide, rather than write in bullets as I suggested yesterday, but the text I had was unreadable.

Four Ways Not to Suck at PowerPoint Presentations

You probably suck at PowerPoint presentations.

I know this because almost everyone does. No offense. If you are the exception, I really want to hear from you in the comments below.

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I sucked for thirty-one years. Until the day I delivered a presentation so awful, I knew I had to change quickly.

It was the presentation I had planned for three weeks. It was to be the moment that I inspired my team, changed the course of our company, and…there was an audible thud from Nashville to each of the coasts. I was that bad.

What mistakes did I make and what can you learn from them?

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