Deadlier than Smoking, More Mind-Altering than Marijuana

What kills more people than smoking and alters your mind more than marijuana?

This thing is potentially the deadliest thing on the planet. More dangerous than guns, illegal drugs, illicit sex, and sugar combined.

And yet almost all of us have it in our homes.

Television more dangerous than smoking This is deadlier than smoking and marijuana to your body and mind…and it’s in your home. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

You may have guessed by now that I am referring to the television.

And the language I used above is not hyperbole. It’s 100% accurate, backed by mounds of scientific evidence now.

What are You Willing to Give up to Watch More TV?

Consumer Reports forgot the fifth question to consider when you buy a TV…

Here is a picture I took from an issue of Consumer Reports (one of only two magazines I actually read):

Four basic questions to ask yourself before you buy a TV - from Consumer Reports

But they forgot question #5:

What am I willing to give up for this?

Sure, there is the cost of the unit, which, if you are reading a TV-buying guide probably isn’t pocket change.

But what about the time you spend in front of it?

What about your dream?

What about improving yourself for your current job?

What about your family?