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I am happy to report that a student has become a teacher. One of the best tips I have received about writing effective Thank You notes came from a Revolutionary named Jon Stolpe.

Here is what Jon wrote:

Typically, I have left the note in the company mailbox of an unsuspecting recipient. Occasionally, I have dropped a note on someone’s desk at the end of the day. In each case, I haven’t made a big deal out of the delivery. I have intentionally waited until the end of the day to deliver the message. In most cases, the notes are discovered the next day when the recipient retrieves his or her mail. Sometimes it takes a week or two before the notes are discovered.

In most cases, the response has been amazing. Co-workers have come up to me after receiving their notes and expressed their surprise and gratitude. They are overwhelmed that someone would recognize their actions and attitudes in the office. They have been so appreciative of a simple note that took me only a few minutes to write and deliver.

Make your note one of the first things they see in the morning.

It might change the entire trajectory of their day…and yours.Whether you put a note in someone’s mailbox, slide it under their door before leaving the office, stick it on your spouse’s bathroom mirror, or put it in your child’s cereal box, make it a point to start someone’s day with a note of gratitude.

Today’s Assignment: Think of five people who are local to you (yes, at least five…I know some of you will struggle with that and some will do twenty!) over the next week who you want to thank for something. Think of a way to get a thank you note to them early in the morning and do it.

Here are some possible ideas, some of which I shared above:

-Under their office door.
-In a book they read first thing the morning, such as a Bible.
-On the toilet handle.
-On the coffee pot.
-Taped to a computer monitor.
-In slippers or robe pocket.
-On the bathroom mirror.

When you do, I’d love to hear some of the creative places you end up putting them. Email your stories to me at matt@mattmcwilliams.com.

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams

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