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Being a part of the Thank You Revolution and writing all the notes you are writing is a great way to get ahead in the business world.You probably knew that already. It sets you apart.

I can directly attribute exactly 99.9% of my current income from my clients to thank you notes. All of them either had received a note or knew someone who did…before they became clients. So, I truly believe that my writing of thank you notes paid for our house, feeds my family, and keeps me clothed.

I think it’s great to stand out. It’s great to have some secret weapons. But it’s even better to share.

I read a post recently (Thanks Bob Winchester for the link) on the Harvard Business Review entitled, Foster a Culture of Gratitude.

I suggest you read it and apply it. The Revolution is meant to be shared. It is meant to be spread. It is meant to foster a culture of gratitude in organizations across the globe.

Whom can you tell about the Revolution today that would benefit from it?

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams
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