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“I missed a week.””I got so busy yesterday. Does Friday count?”Life is going to get in the way of the Revolution. And that little voice is going to tell you that you failed, that it’s better never than late. Tell that to the diabetic who is an hour overdue for an insulin shot or schizophrenic who missed a dose last night.

I want to encourage you that being a part of this Revolution is not about being perfect. You might miss a week. You might be a day late. You might, occasionally, pack it in and write a less-than-heartfelt note.

I aim to write something every day. I aim to write something really good every day. But I miss entire days. And sometimes I write something that I just know deep down is less than my best…in other words, it sucks.

But a funny thing often happens on those posts. They get the most comments and traffic.They still change lives.

Your thank you notes are the same way. They mean something to the recipient each time. The mere act of doing so rewires you, too. Even when you rush through it like it’s a duty rather than labor of love.

Not every note you write should be a work of art. To do so would eventually lead to you giving up because you can’t achieve that level of perfection. It would require too much effort to sustain.

Late is better than never.

Written is better than unwritten.

Sent is better than unsent.

Who are you going to thank today?

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams
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