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The Revolution may not be televised, but it is a book.Today, the book, The Power of Gratitude: Stories from the Frontline of the Thank You Revolution, was officially released to the public.If you have not yet read it, you can get it here. Already I am hearing comments like this one from Jon Stolpe:

“This is a quick and inspiring read that you don’t want to miss. What Matt shares will change the way you look at your team members forever. If you follow through on what Matt is suggesting in this book, you will change lives and change the trajectory of your team and business. Get your copy of The Power of Gratitude TODAY! And join the Thank You Revolution!”

Others have emailed me and tweeted me about the effect this book is having on their lives.


“Inspiring!”“OK, I’m starting to write them.”“You convinced me.”“Powerful…”“This will rock some worlds…”“I didn’t even finish…and already wrote three notes…amazing, amazing, amazing.”

“The Revolution is nothing without you. Will you help spread the word about the book?

If you are a blogger:

Will you write a post about the book? I am available to do a written interview for this as well.

If you are a podcaster:

Will you interview me about the book?

If you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Google+ account:

Will you post about the book? (Use the hashtag #ThankYouRevolution if you can)

If you work with anyone, worship with anyone, have friends, are married or dating, have any living relatives, or ever pass anyone on the street:

Will you share the book with five people?

The Revolution is growing. I hope you will help it grow even more.

Until next week,

Matt McWilliams
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