What if I told you that the first key to great email marketing is visualization? Sounds a bit like psychobabble, right? But it’s my secret weapon in writing great email copy, whether I’m promoting an affiliate offer or my own products and services.


My First 10K Race (And What it Taught Me About Visualization)

To understand the importance of visualization, let me take you back to my first race…a 10K back in 2015.

I learned a valuable lesson that day about the importance of preparation and visualization.

As I rounded the last turn into the baseball stadium where the race finished, I suddenly realized that I only had 1/8th of a mile left.

I thought I had half a mile to go, though.

That sounds like a dream, right? A shorter distance than I imagined…YAY!

Except that I was still pacing as though I had half a mile left.

The plan was to start my final push at the half-mile mark and sprint the last quarter-mile…but I was already past both marks.

So I ended up finishing 20 seconds under my target time…when it would have been easy to hit it!

When I was training, I repeatedly ran in the same two places. I knew every inch of those two paths. I knew every mile marker, quarter-mile marker, and I knew exactly when to kick it into high gear for the finish in order to finish in my goal time.

But at the race, I didn’t know where I was half the time. I had failed to map out the course, and particularly failed to know the last mile.

I had no vision of what it looked like to finish or where I would need to start my push to the finish line.

Unlike my training, where familiarity allowed me to time everything perfectly, I was essentially running blind…and completely misinformed.

When we turned into the stadium, I thought we were running around the stadium, at least another half mile. Before that, when we turned down on street, I thought we were heading straight.

So, there I was still plodding along when I should have been pushing myself. I spent much of my mental energy trying to figure out where we were going instead of focusing on my speed.

That is the power of visualization (or lack of it in this case).

Later in the post, I share a step-by-step visualization guide and video training that will help get you into the right mindset to write great copy. Keep reading or CLICK HERE to go ahead and access the free training!

“Furniture Movers” (Visualization & Preparation in Action)

A few years ago, I watched a documentary on lawyers and discovered something fascinating about the great ones.

Great lawyers are known in the industry as “furniture movers.”

The day before and again in the hours before a big trial, the great attorneys will spend time in the courtroom, picturing exactly where the jury will be seated, and where this table will be and that table will be. They will even move chairs and tables around to where they think will best serve them and their clients.

It’s a beautiful exercise in visualization and preparation.

It Starts with Belief

Imagine a guy asking a girl out on a date…

After all, dating is selling. And asking for a date is the first “sales pitch” in a relationship.

If the guy believes he will be successful, odds are he will be. If he has prepared for success prior to asking, there’s a much better chance she’ll actually say “yes!”

Expectation, preparation, and visualization don’t guarantee success, but they do make it a lot more likely. And one thing is absolutely for sure:

If you think you will fail, you will project failure to your “prospect.” And you definitely will fail.


So What Does This All Mean for Writing Email Copy?

Writing email copy is no different than asking someone out on a date…or convincing a jury that your client is not guilty…or running a race.

In order to succeed at selling affiliate offers (or anything for that matter), you must visualize making the sale first.

I have a specific exercise I’ll share with you in a moment that will help you do just that.

It will help you to be a “furniture mover” with your email copy. It will help you to get in the right mindset, write with confidence, and convert more sales.

How to Sell Without Being Sleazy or Salesy

You may think that you can’t sell affiliate offers without being sleazy or salesy, but it is possible…and this exercise will show you how!

It starts with believing that you are serving your audience when you promote things to them…because YOU ARE!

Yes, this belief (or lack thereof) obviously comes through if you are selling in person. And it comes through in video and in audio.

But it even comes through in your written words…your emails and your blog posts. Crazy, right?

It’s absolutely true!

It becomes evident in the words that you choose and the way that you write. Your level of belief and confidence is obvious to your audience.

That’s why, before I write emails or do anything that communicates with my audience, I do the visualization exercise I mentioned earlier.

This exercise takes only a minute or two once you get the hang of it…and the results are extraordinary.

I use it anytime I write email copy, blog posts, record podcasts, shoot videos, you name it.

It puts me in the right mindset for success…and makes selling a whole lot easier.

Visualization Exercise Step-by-Step

Copywriting visualization exericse

Step 1: Get Comfortable.

Find a spot where you can relax.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy place, but you should likely be sitting.

Step 2: Close Your Eyes.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Relax

Step 3: Imagine the person reading your email or blog post, watching your video, or listening to your podcast.

Go into vivid detail as they read each line.

What are their emotions and reactions as they read it?

Picture each of these details in your mind.

Step 4: Picture the person clicking to the sales page.

Imagine them watching the sales video, reading the copy, and liking what they see.

Step 5: Imagine them clicking the enroll button.

Now, imagine them seeing the price, and agreeing that this is worth the investment.

Remember, you believe in this product and so will they.

Step 6: Now, they take out their debit or credit card and type in their information.

They click submit and have officially made the decision to purchase.

They’re pleased with their decision.

Step 7: Imagine them enjoying the product they’ve purchased.

How are they using it?

If it’s a course, picture them taking the course and seeing results.

If it’s a physical product, see them actually using it the way they wanted.

Step 8: Lastly, take a moment to visualize their future.

How has this product changed their life?

What has it made easier?

What are the results long-term?

Enjoy their success WITH them.

Now, you are ready to sell!

Commit to taking a couple of minutes before creating content, visualizing the outcome you desire, and start creating content that converts!


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