I am currently reading Justin Wise’s forthcoming book, The Social Church.

Social Church Justin Wise Review
Pre-Order on Amazon for ~$12.

Full disclosure: I am on Justin’s launch team and received my advance copy free. That in no way impacts my opinions.

I am floored by the quality of writing, the amount of information, and the depth with which Justin writes.

In other words, my short review two-thirds of the way through it is that it has far exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with.

If you pastor a church, work at a church, or go to church, you need to read this book. In fact, even if you don’t, it’s worth the $12 or so, you’ll spend. I’ve learned a ton about digital marketing in general.

Below are some of my favorite quotes so far from the book. More added as I read more.

If you are reading it, share your favorite quotes below in the comments. And while you’re here, download my special gift to Justin’s audience, The Leader’s Prayer.

Justin Wise Book, The Social Church

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Review of Justin Wise book The Social Church

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Download my special gift to Justin’s audience, The Leader’s Prayer

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