Like many online marketers, I am an avid listener of podcasts. Today, I’m sharing my top 9 podcasts for affiliate marketers. This list is all about helping you be a better affiliate or run your own affiliate program.

top affiliate marketing podcasts

The following is not a comprehensive list of all the podcasts that I personally listen to. Nor is it a comprehensive list of every single podcast that an affiliate marketer should listen to.

But, I do feel like this represents the top 9…the crème de la crème of podcasts for affiliate marketers.

NOTE: This was formerly a top 10 list, but after the passing of my friend and affiliate marketing legend, James Martell, his podcast was removed and honestly, there isn’t another I’d replace it with.

1. Success Talks

Now, this one has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, but it’s all about mindset.

This is the “think bigger” podcast. It will help you to think bigger in your business and your life.

It’s all about…success.

It’s run by the folks at Success Magazine and has featured some of the most preeminent guests in the world.

This is the podcast that I listen to when I need a mental boost.

Here are some my favorite episodes of Success Talks:

Dave Ramsey on Life’s Lessons Hard Earned

Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan on Cultivating Long-Term Joy

Peter Diamandis on Creating Abundance

2. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

I had the pleasure recently of hanging out with Pat at Blackberry Farm in East Tennesse at Michael Hyatt’s affiliate retreat.

At dinner on our last night, my wife, Tara said it best when she told Pat: “You are in real life just like you are on your podcast and I really appreciate that.”

I feel the same way. Pat is the real deal and this is definitely a podcast for anyone in marketing. Whether you are just getting started or you are a veteran of online marketing.

If you listen to some of his older episodes, especially, he covers a lot about affiliate marketing.

Here are some my favorite episodes of Smart Passive Income:

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Live Streaming Video and the Data that Proves Its Worth with Michael Stelzner

Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way—How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning

3. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

This is a podcast that I’ve listened to for a couple of years.

She doesn’t talk a lot about affiliate marketing (though she did here and it was awesome).

Her show is all about what the title suggests. It’s online marketing made easy. It’s marketing simplified and stress-free.

She takes some serious deep dives into some complex online marketing issues and really makes them easy to understand.

Here are some my favorite episodes of Online Marketing Made Easy:

7 Content Creation Ideas to Use When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Affiliate Marketing Done Right with Rachel Luna (MUST LISTEN: Learn how Rachel made $50,000+ with a list of only 5,000 people)

The Bonus Brainstorm: How to Create a Bonus Package for Your Next Course Offer (Applies to affiliate bonus packages, too)

4. Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason

Mark is a new friend and quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the podcasting world.

Mark’s podcast is all about internet marketing and building your online business for those of you doing it as a side hustle. It’s geared more towards beginners and those who are doing this on less than 15 hours a week.

That said, I’m clearly full-time with my business and still listen and love it, as do many others I know in this world.

Here are some my favorite episodes of Late Night Internet Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Overview

Defeating Imposter Syndrome – How To Become An Expert

5. Marketing Secrets with Russell Brunson

This one is all about “funnel hacking.” If you don’t know Russell then you don’t know internet marketing (haha, just kidding).

But seriously, Russell has been doing this for years for some of the top names in the world and has sold tens of millions of dollars worth of products. Simply put, the guy knows internet marketing.

So what does “funnel hacking” have to do with affiliate marketing? Well, if you understand how merchant funnels work, it helps you marketing their products better. It also helps you set up funnels that lead to affiliate offers.

This is one of those podcasts that I often “binge listen” to. I might not listen for a month and then listen to a month worth’s of episodes. This allows me to see how all of his stuff connects.

When I do this, I fill up pages of notes from his podcast.

Here are some my favorite episodes of Marketing Secrets:

Simple Affiliate Funnels

How to Sell Everything for Free (This is a game changer if you implement what Russell talks about here)

No More Being a Jack-of-all-Trades

6. Building a Story Brand with Don Miller

Five years ago, most people knew Don Miller as an author of introspective, biographical Christian books. But in the past half decade, he’s completely transformed his brand and business.

Building a StoryBrand podcast is all about using story for your marketing. In each episode, Don shows you how to run your business on the principles of good storytelling.

Every episode is centered around the elements of a great story:

StoryBrand Framework by Donald Miller

I’ve found that it probably takes you about 10-20 episodes to really start to get the framework and follow along. But it’s worth waiting that long.

This podcast will flat out transform your marketing.

Here are some my favorite episodes of Building a Story Brand:

3 Powerful Takeaways Marketers Can Learn from a Master Storyteller

30 Proven Ways to Make Any Product More Valuable

7 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Working

7. 10X Talks with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

This is another podcast, like The Success Talks podcast, that is helps me to think bigger. It’s all about 10X-ing your business…yes, growing your business ten times bigger than is now.

That might sound crazy, but their hypothesis (that I believe is true) is that it’s easier to 10X your business than 2-3X. Why? Because to 10X you have to think about revolutionary concepts, not just tips, tricks, and tactics to grow a little.

This is important for online marketers, especially those building their businesses on affiliate offers, as it helps expand your mind. This podcast has helped spur at least a half dozen 6-figure ideas.

This is a hard one to pick a few favorites, but here are a few of my favorite episodes of 10X Talks:

Mastering The Art of Delegation for Entrepreneurs

Unique Ability, Purpose and Motivation

How Top Entrepreneurs Think About Marketing And Their Organization

8. ProBlogger with Darren Rowse

Picking the last podcast is hard and there a number of worthy contenders (see Ray Edwards Show, Ask Pat, Entrepreneur on Fire, and more). I went with Darren’s show because I love the balance it offers of content creation and monetization, newbie tips and high-level strategy, how-tos and challenges.

Every single episode is packed with takeaways…and that is my kind of podcast. This is definitely not one you listen to just for entertainment. There are major actionable items in each episode (in fact, my only “problem” with the show is I end up with more ideas than I can execute on sometimes).

My advice is to make sure you listen to this one when you can easily record notes. And start to put them into action right away.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes of ProBlogger:

How to Make Money With the Amazon Affiliate Program (crazy, right?)

Profit Streams Revealed: How I Make Money Blogging

My Tips for Making Money As a Blogger Through Affiliate Marketing

9. The Affiliate Guy with…ahem, Matt McWilliams

Um, really? I’m including my own podcast on this list?


As the name suggests, The Affiliate Guy is a new podcast with a single, short topic each episode. One topic, one lesson, one takeaway, and one CTA – one thing you should do right away with the information I just shared.

This podcast is NOT meant to be one you just listen to and don’t take action. Every single episode, I’m calling you to one take action.

We also cover affiliate marketing news, share clips of interviews, and have program announcements.

It’s always short, sweet, and action-oriented. That’s what The Affiliate Guy is all about.

Listen to the latest episodes of The Affiliate Guy here.

And make sure to listen to all episodes and subscribe at the links below:

Affiliate marketing podcast on iTunesMatt McWilliams Affiliate Guy podcast on StitcherAffiliate Guy podcast on Google Play

What is your favorite podcast?

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7 thoughts on “Top 9 Podcasts Affiliate Marketers Should be Listening To

  1. Suzy Taylor Oakley says:

    Heck, I like both of the graphics, so it’s 50/50 and I didn’t vote. Ha! But thanks for the list, and I can’t wait to subscribe to TAG. My fave is Amy Porterfield’s, but I’ve always liked Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse Don Miller and really need to start listening to them (I’ve listened to a few Storybrands). Not specifically about affiliate marketing but good: Copyblogger and Unemployable.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      You have to pick one Suzy 🙂

      1. Suzy Taylor Oakley says:

        OK, I picked one. Man, you’re tough! I went with the one that has the sunshine behind your head. It makes me think of those early-morning local TV news shows. Also, your name is boldface in that one. Satisfied? 🙂

      2. Matt McWilliams says:

        We call that one the Morning Show one 🙂

      3. Suzy Taylor Oakley says:


  2. Patricia Lemieux says:

    Hi Matt! I like both of them, but there was one that edged out the other slightly for me. 🙂 Thank you for the list! It seems like there’s another category where I have more to listen to than the extent of my life span. I’m listening to the Hay House World Summit, right now I’m listening to Nancy Levin’s How to Remove Money Blocks and Boost Your Self-worth.

    The really funny footnote to this is that I’m writing a blog post on Taming Information Overload when I am The Queen on too much visual and aural information coming in…..

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Then it’s good that you are writing that post. That is the best stuff to write about 🙂

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