I am super excited to have you join fellow World Changers on the World Changer Show.

During our chat, we will take the audience through your journey as a World Changer. We’ll cover setbacks, successes, your mindset, and techniques to inspire others. The hopeful end result is that together we can change lives and motivate others to reach their highest potential.

Below is the interview flow for your perusal.

What makes a good interview?

One big thing: Real-life stories. We want to be right there with you as you share your story with us. Make them specific, personal, and genuine and the audience will love it. That means no generalities. This is all about you and how your story can inspire others.

Interview flow & questions

This is a general flow of the interview. I prefer to keep it as free flowing as possible and if the interview takes a different direction, that is great. As we progress, generally a theme or topic will develop and we will travel down that route.

NOTE: If you have a theme or topic that you know you’d like to discuss in advance and it fits the purpose of the show, please let me know. We’ll make it happen.

1. Introduction

I’ll use your 50-100 word bio you’ve provided and if we have a previous relationship, likely add my own commentary. Then it’s your turn.

2. Your story

Tell us about you. Why are you a world changer in your own words? What got you to this point in your life? Tell us specifics about setbacks, successes, influences, milestone moments, etc. Tell a story.

3. Person/book/philosophy in the past that inspired you

Is there a particular person in your past or a book or quote that inspired you to reach for greatness? Describe that relationship, book or quote. How have you used it?

4. Theme

By now, a theme has usually developed. We will explore this theme in the context of:

  • Your mindset – how did that develop? What is your mindset?
  • Techniques and tips for the audience to develop that mindset.
  • Digging deep into your failures, successes, and influences.
  • Intently focusing on the lessons you’ve learned and the advice you have to share with other aspiring World Changers.

5. The present and future

What are you doing now? What’s exciting you the most about your business, life, family, career, or impact you are having? Share an exciting story about what’s going on now.

What does the future hold for you, the World Changer that you are. What’s next for you? What your goals, dreams and aspirations for the next five years (ones that you are comfortable sharing publicly of course)?

6. Legacy

What legacy do you want to leave?

7. Last piece of advice.

Give the audience one last piece of advice. One thing they can do today that will help them to change the world.

8. Call to action

This is your chance to share your call to action for the audience. Should they visit your site? Get a free report? (I’ve found that offering a show-specific download on your site is a great way to get new subscribers)

What action do you want them to take?

I look forward to our call.

I will call you via Skype at the appointed time: Skype: matt7267. This is an audio only interview.

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