“The rules is the rules.” I’m pretty sure it was Popeye who said that. Whoever it was, he or she is right. The rules of life are the rules. What got you ahead two hundred years ago still applies today. What works in California works in Mississippi…and Italy, China, and Morocco.

Networking tips for introverts
Introverts, stop looking for ways around the rules of the world. To be successful, you need people. (Tweet That)

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So often we try to find the exceptions to the rules or make our own. We fight against the current, rather than riding it. How exhausting and unproductive!

I’ve written numerous posts about the “rules” of life and success. Here are some of my favorites.

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Almost every time I write something about networking, relationship-building, or the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, I get asked:

What about us introverts?

There are no special rules for you. Just as there are no special rules for extroverts.

I love being around people. I understand that life truly is all about how well you know the people you know. I am, by definition, an extrovert.

And as an extrovert, sitting down to read a book or taking the time to think and pray is hard. Quiet things and alone things rank right up there with having my wisdom teeth pulled. It’s as close to torture as I have ever experienced.

And yet I do those things…because they are important.

There are no special rules for extroverts like me. We still have to read. We still have to spend time being still. We still have to think.

And there are no special rules for introverts. You still have to make time to network. You still need community. You still have to get out of your comfort zone to surround yourself with influencers and build relationships with people who can help you reach your goals.


If you are an introvert, stop looking for ways around the rules of the world.

Stop looking for shortcuts.

Stop being afraid to stretch.

To be successful, you need the same thing as extroverts…people.

Them’s the rules, like them or not.

How have you gotten out of your comfort zone to network more?