Have you ever thought of yourself as a millionaire? One of the biggest things I work on when coaching others is mindset. The biggest obstacle to their success is in their own minds.

Already a Millionaire
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When I ask if you’ve ever thought of yourself as a millionaire, I don’t mean in the future. I don’t mean catching a vision of your life one day, although that is important. I mean right now.
“You are already a millionaire, it’s time to start acting like it,” I told a client.
“You mean, like, visualizing the future as reality now?” he asked.
“That’s important,” I replied. “But it’s not what I mean. I mean you already are. Right now. Let me explain.”

How much would someone pay for…

Imagine for a moment that you owned a market. This market doesn’t sell things like fruits, vegetables, Persian rugs, or handmade jewelry, though. It sells things like:





Imagine your customers are the blind, the deaf, and the amputees.

What kind of price tag could you put on each of those things?

How much would a blind man pay to see?

How much would a deaf man pay to hear?

How much would a man or women born without arms or legs pay to have real ones that work properly? Or an amputee pay to have them back?

And that’s just four parts of your body.
You see, you are already a millionaire. A multi-millionaire, in fact. You are walking around with millions of dollars in equipment.
In fact, it’s all priceless.

Action item: Write out “I am priceless” and place it in a prominent location where you see it regularly.

It’s time you start acting like that. Like you are priceless.

Think like a multi-millionaire.

Walk like a multi-millionaire.

Talk like a multi-millionaire. (I didn’t say talk like a pretentious jerk).

Be grateful like a multi-millionaire.

For everything that you already have. For every dream you have that will come to pass. For everything you will become.
You are priceless. Start acting like it.
What is your biggest mindset hurdle to overcome? What one mindset is most keeping you from achieving your dreams?

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0 thoughts on “You Are Already a Millionaire…Now Start Acting Like It

  1. Paige Gordon II says:

    The mindset most keeping me from achieving my dream is a belief that what I have to say isn’t really good enough for other people to listen to and that they’ll discount me because of my age… But’s that why I read your blog man, because it reminds that that’s all bogus!! 😀

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Boom! Keep it up brother.

  2. Steve Pate says:

    The poison I have dropped into my own pool..their names..Pride with his brother selfish. These are the two top things that keep me at times from moving.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Those can be very limiting as your focus is entirely on self and not on those around you. You miss out on all that others have to offer.

  3. Mark Sieverkropp says:

    For me it’s overcoming the thoughts that I’ve never done something…so it’s out of reach. I know, the dumbest thought in the world, huh?

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