How do You Find Affiliate Programs?

30 Days of Q&A - Day Thirteen

You know by now that promoting affiliate offers is a great way to make some good money online. But how do you find the affiliate programs? That’s what Jason Lam asked me recently…and I give the answer in today’s video.

In today’s video, I share three ways to find affiliate programs and learn about upcoming affiliate launches. I also share what to do when something you want to promote doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video when I’ll show you how to make sure you get accepted as an affiliate.

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Question: How do you find affiliate programs that are right for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Jonathan

    Matt – great / succinct outline.
    You say you set up only 12 – 20 affiliate products each year. Means you must have very fine quality control. So I’ll be watching to see which affiliate programs you pick.
    We’re in the process of re-positioning our content around author training – both fiction and non-fiction, related info prods and children’s picture ebooks and print. So marketers like Jeff Goins et al are the one’s I’ll be looking for. The rest of this year is all about scaling up the list.
    Looking good.

    • Everyone is definitely different. We only end up promoting about 8 per year, chosen from roughly 20 possible launches. But even that 8 is usually a few too many for MOST people.

      Since I am all about affiliate launches, I can get away with it though :)

      Are you in Jeff Goins’ next launch? If not, you should be!

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