The Sequence of Success in Affiliate Promotions

The Proven Progression That Works Every Time

You might think there is some sort of a success secret to promoting affiliate offers, but there isn’t. There’s no formula. No sauce. But there is a proven sequence that works every time. If you follow this sequence, you will be successful in your promotions.

Success secrets in affiliate marketing

The thing about this “Sequence of Success” is that it applies to anything in life. Once you learn it, you’ll see how it’s true everywhere.

The sequence has five phases and each one must come after the previous phase (it is sequential after all). If you try to skip to phase five first, you will fail. Even skipping to phases two through four are recipes for disaster.

I’ll walk you through each of the five phases below.

The 5 Phases of Success in Affiliate Promotions

1. Belief

I mentioned earlier that this sequence of success is true for any area of your life, not just affiliate promotions. And everything in life begins with belief.

The default for far too many people today when they purchase something or try a product out is that it won’t work for them. They literally press the buy button and say to themselves, “This won’t work for me.”

It sounds crazy but we’ve all done it. We assume that it might work for some other special person or that the seller is hyping up his claims. We spend money but we’ve set ourselves up for failure.

The key with anything you are promoting is to believe that it will work. Believe that your audience (and even you) will benefit from using the product.

Only promote things that you have a good feeling about. Promote things that are proven to work for others. In other words, don’t promote crap and you’ll be good here.

2. Proof

If you go into a promotion with the right attitude, it’s not time to prove that something works.

Proof often says “It worked for me and it can work for you.” But if a product is not right for you, but is right for your audience, it might mean talking to a customer or two about their experience (“It worked for Joe, it can work for you”).

The great thing about proof and belief is that they feed each other. When you have belief, you look for reasons why something will work, not why they won’t. You look for proof.

And when you get proof, it reinforces and increases your belief. It’s a beautiful cycle.

3. Creativity

Now that you are armed with belief and proof working in tandem, the ideas for promoting something flow.

You suddenly have storylines and marketing copy galore. You can see your promotional plan in mapped out.

You write with ease and you are constantly thinking of new, creative ways to encourage your audience to purchase a product.

Your creativity is boundless, so much so that your ideas overflow to the point that you don’t know which ones will work best.

Which leads to Phase Four…

4. Testing

Now it’s time to find out what works.

What should you test?

In a word…everything. Here’s a short list of things to test:

  • Message tone (gushing review, skeptic turned raving fan, guide showing the way)
  • Mediums (video, ebooks, webinars)
  • What moves people (case studies, bonuses, exclusivity)

Some audiences respond better to webinars than ebooks, while others love case studies and don’t care about bonuses.

You’ll never know what works for sure until you test.

5. Systems

Once you learn what works, it’s time to create systems to make future promotions rinse and repeat.

The first time you go through these phases, it might seem like a labor-intensive process. But over time, you get better and it gets easier.

Creating systems allows you to identify that works best for your audience. You’ll know exactly what products to promote, what promotional methods to use, how to communicate with your audience, and how to close the sale.

One Last Note

You can apply these phases to your own products as well.

Believe that it will change lives.

Prove that it will with a small group.

Allow your creativity to flow.

Then test to see what works and systematize what does.

Question: Which of these five phases is the most difficult for you and why? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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