Leaders Must Set an Example

As a leader, all eyes are on you.

Crowd of Eyes - Leadership ExampleHow’s that for pressure?

It’s not an exaggeration though. It’s an indisputable truth.

Yesterday morning as I was feeding my daughter Aracelli, I gave her a bite of my cereal. I had no qualms about doing so. After all, I my cereal was a mix of some Kashi, organic corn clusters, chia seeds, wheat germ, and soymilk. She absolutely loved it and immediately asked for more.

The thought struck me though…what if, like only a few years ago, I was eating Lucky Charms or some other cereal that usually comes with a toy inside? How would I feel about sharing my cereal with her then? Is it OK for me, the leader of our family, to sit in her presence chomping on a bowl full of diabetes while she is left to eat her food, which closely resembles mulched cardboard?

Leaders, all eyes are on you. Everything you do, in your family, in your company, in your church, is an implicit endorsement of its acceptance and virtue. In fact, it’s full-blown encouragement of it.