Episode 081: How to Destroy Adultitis with Jason Kotecki

How Breaking the Non-Rules in Life Can Set You Free

What do Gandhi, Mother Teresa, MLK, Walt Disney, George Washington, Jesus and Steve Jobs have in common? They were nonconformists. They colored outside the lines. They changed the world. Today’s episode is an interview that will make you laugh, dream and color outside the lines!

How to Destroy Adultitis with Jason Kotecki

About Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is an artist, author, speaker, husband, father, and self-proclaimed cereal aficionado. He has made it his mission in life to annihilate Adultitis by uncovering the secrets of childhood and sharing them with others. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Matt’s interview with Jason Kotecki.

This is Helping “Ordinary” People Have Extraordinary Success

Do you remember when you were a child and you played “make believe?”

You were a spy, a doctor, an astronaut, or perhaps an athlete. You took on the persona of whoever you were pretending to be. You talked like a spy would, you thought like a doctor, you did the things that kind of person would do.

In other words, you acted “as if.”

Childlike imagination leads to great success The key to a life of purpose, influence, excellence, and abundance starts in your imagination. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

The dictionary defines “make believe” as:

pretending that what is not real is real

Kids have the most amazing imaginations. I am experiencing this with our daughter now. Aracelli is 3 1/2 years old and she was talking to my mother this week. She told my mom all sorts of amazing tales of adventure, of dogs flying airplanes, chasing the deer through the woods, and doing all sorts of wild and exciting things.

What an imagination!

You ARE an Entrepreneur. You WILL Change the World

Most of us have an entrepreneurial spirit whether we realize it or not.

Entrepreneurs Change the World

You’ve probably started more businesses than you realize. Yes, I am counting your lawncare business when you were ten. Yes, I am counting the spy agency you started when you were twelve. And yes, I am even counting the time you thought you could somehow profit from making a giant ball of rubber bands (or was that just me?).

Most kids started businesses what seemed like all the time.

As a child you said…

When you were a child, you saw problems with the world and said:

“I need to do something about that.”

“I should _____.”

“I can solve that.”