Most of us have an entrepreneurial spirit whether we realize it or not. You’ve probably started more businesses than you realize. Yes, I am counting your lawncare business when you were ten. Yes, I am counting the spy agency you started when you were twelve. And yes, I am even counting the time you thought you could somehow profit from making a giant ball of rubber bands (or was that just me?).

Entrepreneurs Change the World
We are born to change the world. Or else, we are unnecessary. (Tweet That)

Most kids started businesses what seemed like all the time.

As a child you said…

When you were a child, you saw problems with the world and said:

“I need to do something about that.”

“I should _____.”

“I can solve that.”

As an adult you say…

But something changed in you. As an adult, you see problems with the world and needs of others and say:

“Someone needs to do something about that.”

“I wish someone would _____.”

“Why doesn’t someone fix that?”

What happened?

Somewhere you lost the belief that you were the solution.

Someone told you that others had all the answers.

Someone lied to you. Someone told you to stop thinking so highly of yourself. Someone told you that all innovation comes from a company that we all know and a billion dollars a day in revenue.

And at some point, you believed them.

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But you can still remember a time when you saw every problem in the world as something for you to solve. You can still remember when everything broken was fixable…by you. You can still remember the excitement you had when you encountered a need and you rushed home to see if you had the supplies needed to solve it.

You can get that back.

You can have that spirit again…in all aspects of life.

I often write about being more like a child (here, here, and here). Being more like a child is about changing your attitude. It’s about recapturing the wild creativity and passion you had when you were younger, before you bought into the lies.

It’s not about living completely carefree, irresponsibly, or in a state of pure naivete. It’s about finding something lost deep down inside, seemingly lost. It’s about finding the real you. The you that is capable of changing the world.

Being a world-changer comes naturally. We are born to do it.

We are born to change the world. Or else, we are unnecessary.

It’s only when someone tells we can’t be world changers, and then we buy-in to the lie, that we stop trying to be.

You can change the world.

You will change the world.

Go. Remember the passion and can-do attitude of your youth. Recapture it. Live it.

You are the only one who will ever do what only you can do.

What lies stopped you from believing you could change the world?


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13 thoughts on “You ARE an Entrepreneur. You WILL Change the World

  1. Jana Botkin says:

    I don’t remember thinking I could fix anything, but I do remember thinking that kids were dumb and unreliable so I couldn’t wait to be an adult. HAH!! Most adults are just large kids.

    Making things was my driving force – figuring out how to make something was a thrill. Still is!

    Thanks for the thinking material today, and for reading it to me while I did other stuff!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      I love that you still have the same driving force Jana! Love it!

  2. Zech Newman says:

    Great Post Matt. I need to be more realistic is the lie that I bought. A kind way of saying you can’t do that.

  3. Lily Kreitinger says:

    I agree with Jana. Loving the audio feature! In the most recent years I have talked myself out of thinking I am an entrepreneur. When I was a kid, my brother and I came up with all kinds of business ideas. Some of them were actually successful. We used to sell candy in our neighborhood. My aunt would go to the party store and buy it in bulk. She taught us how to mark it up and sell it and reinvest the money in the business. My brother had a business collecting trash from all the neighbors in the apartment complex where we lived. He would just take it to the dumpsters for collection and save people the walk. As a young adult, I saw my father fail miserably when he owned a business and lose all he had. I told myself “that will never be me. I’ll be happily employed and keep it safe”. Well, unemployment happened, and I started my blog two years ago. It has helped me change the world a bit. I sell ideas, motivation and inspiration on a daily basis.

    Thanks, as usual for great inspiration!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Nothing wrong with working for someone else. I’ve done it a bunch. But the mindset is the key. It’s why I like the way that Lampo (Dave Ramsey’s org) does it…each leader is like a business owner for the division.

  4. Katherine Leicester says:

    When my younger brother was about 1 year old he escaped from my Mom and he ran headlong out the open front door with nothing on but a t-shirt. He could barely walk but that boy fairly flew down our steep driveway and made it almost all the way to the busy street before Mom caught up with him. That was 49 years ago, and he’s still laughing about it.

    That’s what I want to be like. So ready for adventure that the trappings of modern-day “this is what you should do” just disappears in a sea of crazy.

    I want to remember what it was like to run with scissors.

  5. I cannot change the world – I can only change me. I’m with Jana in the children were dumb and unreliable – further I viewed children as powerless pawns in an adult world. I too could hardly wait to grow up and indeed chose to spend most my childhood with adult company. I was not big on pretending – but on planning.
    With maturity comes the knowledge of my limitations – and my gifts. ( Ex: I may wish to be a doctor to help my family and friends – but the reality is I do not have the mind for the chemistry.) My responsibility is to be what God wants me to be and change what He wants changed, for His glory. This world is not all there is. Like childhood, our time our earth will pass and in standing before the Lord our worldly successes for our glory will be burned with the rest of the wood, hay and stubble.
    Our passion should be in winning souls and loving others. Put this first and all the other things will fall in line. Now there is something to get excited about! There is a need – now rush in and God will supply all you need to fulfill it!!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Winning one soul is changing the world!

      1. Sort of – but more changing eternity, since this world will pass away. I get what you are saying Matt! L.

  6. Tom Dixon says:

    I used to believe that everything had to be 100% original – and then I learned that originality is highly overrated. As an entrepreneur, I can put my spin and experience on what others are doing and add ADDITIONAL value. I also used to believe that things had to be perfect to move forward with. Perfect is not the goal for me anymore, done is.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Perfect is a stupid goal. I love it Tom!

  7. Dan Erickson says:

    I think it’s also that starting a business as an adult is a risk and an inconvenience, we have less time than when we were kids, and there may be more of a financial investment and risk.

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