The 7 Obsessions of Highly Successful People

Healthy Obsessions That Lead to High Performance

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with one thing (and it’s not what you think). I woke up thinking about it, I went to bed thinking about it, and it consumed my mind throughout the day. After school, I could not wait for it. I planned every minute of my day around it. I was obsessed…and highly successful at this one thing.

The 7 Obsessions of Highly Successful People

For me, that one thing was golf. And the lessons I learned reaching the top levels of that game have benefited me throughout my life.

How to be More Courageous in the Face of Fear

When I tell people that I started my own business three years ago, most people say things like, “I could never do that” or “You’re braver than I am.” When I tell them this is my fourth business and how the first three failed, their eyes get even wider. I must be courageous, stubborn, or perhaps a little crazy (I think it’s all three).

How to be More Courageous in the Face of Fear

Since so few people are willing to call me stubborn or crazy to my face, they focus on the courageous part. How does one find the courage to overcome his fears and take action despite the potential risk? And, even more so, how do you find the courage to start something important when the past seems to say “you’ve failed before, you’ll fail again?”

Jared Easley Interview on Overcoming Self-Doubt to Start a Movement

Are you like the 99.997% of people who struggle with self-doubt?

Have you wanted to do something amazing, launch a product, or start a movement, but let fear cripple you?

Well, today’s guest knows a thing or two about overcoming self-doubt, tackling fear head on, and starting something world-change.

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His name is Jared Easley and in today’s episode we talk about his journey, what it’s like to interview world changers around the globe about how they starved their doubts, and how he started a MOVEMENT…literally.

He’s interviewed guests such as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, and many more, but the true value of this interview lies in his story.

So sit back, relax, forget about your fears and doubts and join Jared Easley and I for an amazing conversation.

About Jared

Jared is the host of the Starve the Doubts Podcast, where he shares his conversations with successful entrepreneurs and high achievers on how to overcome self doubt. I’ve been a past guest and I assure you that it is one of the most unique and informative podcasts out there. Jared is also the co-founder of the Podcast Movement, a conference which just wrapped up its first year and from all accounts was a resounding success.

That is a major focus of this episode…how he took that from concept to must-attend, world-changing status and what you can learn from that experience.

Oh Captain, My Captain: The 2 Greatest Lessons I Learned from Robin Williams

Two of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in life came from Robin Williams.

From the risk he took in taking the role of John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society, I learned how to use my fears to take my life to the next level. From his character I learned how a leader helps others to roar.

Robin Williams will be missed. Today, I remember him fondly for these two great lessons.

Robin Williams as John Keating in Dead Poet's Society
I think you have something inside of you that is worth a great deal.” – Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Lesson One: A leader helps others to roar

A leader’s job is to help others to find their courage.

A leader’s job is to help others overcome their fears and find that something inside of them that is dying to come out; that something that will change the world and give them life.

That’s what Robin Williams’ character, John Keating, does in Dead Poet’s Society. He helps his student, Todd Anderson, played by Ethan Hawke, find his talent and worth…and his “barbaric YAWP.”

Help Others to Roar

If you are a leader, it is your job to help others find their courage.

And by the way, if you are reading this, you are a leader in some way.

“Encouragement” means to help others find courage. And courage, in my opinion, is daring to live out what can be imagined.

Robin Williams’ character does just this in Dead Poet’s Society…he helps Ethan Hawke to find his “barbaric yawp!”

A Courageous Man | Barry Goldwater

Pure Goldwater BookWhat makes for a courageous man?

One of the aspects of a courageous man (or woman) is the willingness to speak up when it’s dangerous. To stick one’s neck out and risk it all by speaking the truth.

I am currently reading a book by John Dean and Barry Goldwater, Jr. about the latter’s dad, former Senator and 1964 Presidential nominee, Barry Goldwater. Pure Goldwater is a collection of his journal entries that gives the reader incredible access to the inner mind of a successful businessman and public servant.

Two of his entries stood about above all others. One is below. I will share the other soon.

“That is something neither of you should ever be afraid to do: say what you think if you think what you believe is right. You will never succeed telling the other fellow what he wants to hear, even if speaking your thoughts might get you some criticism, it will get you far more praise. A courageous man is respected not so much for this thoughts or his actions but for this courage in presenting his thoughts and doing his job.”

~Barry Goldwater, to his sons in a journal entry dated March 16, 1940

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