Our Amazing Capacity to Trust | Choose to Trust

We are born with an amazing capacity to trust.

We literally come out of the womb with an innate ability and need to trust others. We trust our parents to care for us, warm us up when we are cold, and feed us when we are hungry, and provide our basic needs.

No one taught us how to trust. There isn’t a workshop that babies attend or a book they read. I believe that it really is a core part of our DNA.

Ability to trust is in our DNA
When trust is broken

But somewhere along the way, trust is broken.

A parent leaves.

A business partner burns you.

A spouse seeks love in another’s arms.

Your first employee is a flake who doesn’t live up to his hype.

A friend betrays you.

And often we utter words like, “I’ll never trust again.” Or, “I’ve lost the ability to trust anymore.”

I sympathize with those who say those words, but they are simply not sure.