Wins, Losses, & Lessons Learned: August 2014 Recap

The kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to fall, and the days are getting shorter.

Welcome to September. Can you believe we’re two-thirds of the way through the year? Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

August was another amazing, record-setting month and below I share with you the highlights, lowlights, lessons and a recap of the month that was. I also share how you can win a free t-shirt!

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1. Podcast guests

The first highlight was finishing the first ten interviews for the World Changer Show, which launches September 16.

I will share more on the upcoming guests next Tuesday along with an exciting announcement. But I can tell you now that the interviews have been amazing, the content inspiring, and the lessons life-changing. I cannot wait to share their wisdom and inspiration with you.

How do I Get My Life On Track? | Interview with @JonStolpe

Do you ever feel like your life is off track?

Do you even know what on track feels like?

Whatever your position in life, there’s a book by my friend Jon Stolpe that can help you. It’s aptly titled On Track and I was fortunate enough to interview him recently about the book.

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I won’t spoil the interview with too much introduction, but here’s what I had to say about the book (from the back cover):

Jon Stolpe On Track Book Endorsement

So check out the interview below and afterwards, go buy his book. You’ll thank me later.

Top Blog Commenters for September 2013 on Matt McWilliams

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I am amazed at the community here.

Last month was a record month on my blog.

Highest number of hits.

Highest number of hits from social media shares.

Highest number of unique visitors.

Highest number of comments.

By any metric possible, it was a great month, so I wanted to say thank you…

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48 Days Coaching Master Program with Dan Miller

A Secret About the Thank You Revolution | Jon Stolpe

It’s time I came clean.

I’ve been keeping a secret from Jon Stolpe for way too long.

Child telling a secret

He is the reason I started a movement. He is the reason I started the Thank You Revolution.

Not the hundreds of thank you notes I’ve written over the years. Not the hundreds of responses I got. Not the even the prospect of turning it into a money-making venture.

None of those led me to start a movement.

But Jon did.

That’s how I start a post today over on Jon’s blog.

I Wrote This for You.

The Thank You Revolution officially has a playbook.

It is part manuscript, part manifesto, and part Chicken Soup. It is here. It is free.

Thank You Revolution E-Book Matt McWilliams

When I first posted about the Thank You Revolution, the idea was to write one post to inspire a few people to develop the habit of writing thank you notes. I believed that I might encourage five people to get started and was excited about that. That was it.

But what actually happened surprised me and eventually led to the book. It started with just a few passionate revolutionaries. Four people, to be exact, who joined the Revolution and changed their lives and the lives of those around them.

Word spread and recruits started pouring in. I heard from CEOs, middle managers, moms and dads, non-profit leaders, church leaders, even teenagers.

A man whom I have never met, Jon Stolpe, shared his experience with the Revolution and it became the most popular post of 2012.

Every Revolution Needs an Army

Every revolution needs an army and the “Thank You Revolution” is no different. The Thank You Revolution is growing. I’m hearing stories, like the one that Jon Stolpe shared, via Twitter, in the comments here, and even via notes like the one at the bottom of this post. All of this has led me to […]

Letters from Dad

I said this to a life-long friend recently. He couldn’t believe his ears. He reminded me that dad had written me hundreds of letters over the years, prior to his death in 2005. Each of them was signed, “Love, Dad.” They were his way of expressing love to me. Today, my biggest regret is losing […]